Last night we took the kids to meet some friends at Pappachinos pizza restaurant. Argh....Pizza....such a big weakness for me...and their pizza is GOOD. I was trying to be so good...I ordered the chicken and spinach salad (it had mushrooms and tomatoes too)with no cheese and balsamic vinegar on the side. The first half of the salad was really good but it got boring fast.

So I caved (a little) and had one slice of the kids' cheese pizza. Boy was that good....I was glad when they took it away and boxed it up....I almost had a second.

So today was day 1 of P90X. I wanted to fuel up with some serious protein and I decided on Fage....it's loaded with protein! I mixed in some sugar free strawberry jelly, topped it with fiber one cereal and some raisins and strawberries. Excellent.

I dropped the kids off at school and went straight to Lisa's house for day one of P90X. We jumped right into it. The first video was chest and back. I have never done that many push ups in one day in my life. I'm sure I did over 100. I did 99% of them on my knees. I can only do about 10 good form push ups on my toes so that was not happening today. They also have you do a ton of pull ups but we don't have a pull up bar so we improvised using bands. Not as challenging, I know, but it was something!! The next video (we had to do 2 today) was the ab video. Only 15 minutes long but it was tough! Apparently, if you can keep up (we tried), you will do 349 ab exercises. Dang! I'm going to be sore tomorrow but I'm so proud of us!

I came home, changed, did some laundry and went to the mall to return a couple of things. First up was Subway for lunch:

After returning my stuff, I went to get gas and to the UPS store to send out some stuff I sold on ebay. Ebay selling is fun. Do you sell on ebay?

I came home, did more laundry (I think I have a record setting amount of loads to do), and took care of some pre-school room mom stuff and had this yummy snack: pretzels and hummus.

So that is where I stand for the day. Day two of P90X tomorrow. Bring it!!


  1. Congrats on your start with P90X! I'm starting my P90X workout on Sunday (that is day one for me)! I'm really exited to get stared!!!

    Also, are you a Beachbody Coach? I don't see anywhere on your site saying you are. Go to- http://trek2befit.com/become-a-beachbody-coach for more info. Feel free to contact me about it.


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