Hello!!! I was SUPER productive today!!! I started out with a cup of coffee and almost the same breakfast as I had yesterday. The only difference was I used Barney Butter on my toast instead of peanut butter.

I spent the rest of the morning taking down our Hanukkah Bush/Christmas Tree, wrapping my daughter's bday presents, putting the car seats back in my car (school starts again tomorrow!) and working on scrapbooking.

I took a shower and blow dried my hair (ahhhh.....it's nice to be clean!) and made lunch. I made one of my favorites: Trader Joe's Orange Chicken with their brown rice and broccoli. I love this meal!

I finished up all the scrapbooking work that needed to be done and had an apple for a snack along with a cup of Gingerbread Spice tea.

Then I cleaned up our upstairs office and cleaned up random piles that have been accumulating all around.
Dinner was a "leftover concoction: chicken breasts baked with leftover light spinach dip and breadcrumbs, more leftover roasted potatoes and I made a salad using a NEW dressing: Marzetti's Light Caesar vinaigrette. Yummy dressing and only 70 calories per 2 tablespoons. Nice!

I have two points left so I think it will be another Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich soon. Good night!


  1. Those potatoes look so good! And I don't normally do potatoes. I think I need to get the Skinny Cow sandwiches because Mitch and I bought a carton of ice cream on New Year's day and it's already gone...whoops! Clearly I need help with portion control.

  2. oooh yummy - that orange chicken looks super authentic!


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