Breakfast was a good ole boring standby: Eggo Nutrigrain low fat waffle with Barney Butter and a side of cantaloupe.

I dropped the kids off at school and came home since today was my day off from P90X. Around the corner from my house I saw this:

Beautiful! I was so happy he stood still for me to take the picture!

My mom came down for the day so we went shopping. I had some birthday/bridal shower gifts to buy so we got those taken care of.
Lunch was at Bloomingdales. They keep changing the menu and getting rid of the things I like. :( I tried something new today: Blackened Sole over rice with veggies.

It was ok....a little boring and unsatisfying. :( I ended up having a fruit cup a few hours later:

When we got home I was still hungry so I had some peanut butter pretzels and some merlot:

I made some pasta with chicken and broccoli with a side of veggies for dinner:

And because I can't stop eating I had a handful of Junior Mints just now. Ugh. Now I'm done and will call it a night!


  1. I love the M glass too.

    What are your favorite everyday wines? We are stuck in a rut with Red Diamond merlot and Menage Trois.


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