Hello!! Did you miss me? Sorry for my absence....I had a great weekend!! Let's rewind back to Saturday. For breakfast I had Honey Nut Cheerios with almond milk and strawberries and a few cups of coffee.

I went over to Lisa's for some more P90X torture. We did the shoulders/arms video as well as our most hated video: ab ripper. Afterwards we made tuna salads for lunch...my new favorite:

Then I came home and got dressed and packed and headed over to La Costa Resort & Spa to help Lisa celebrate her birthday!
Dina and I in our shared villa:

Everyone chipped in and made an Italian dinner. We had quite a spread:

My plate: salad, mozzarella caprese, penne with meat sauce and my stuffed shells:

Don't forget the dessert! I had a little taste of everything: cheesecake, brownie and mini cupcake:

We all got in our pj's and chatted for a bit and went to bed. The next morning, Lisa brought us all Starbucks coffees and bagels. I choose to enjoy mine in bed. Like how I blocked my morning face? :)

Then we all headed to the spa for the day. There was tons of jacuzzi, steam room and roman shower business going on. We all had lunch outside by the spa's pool. Amazing chicken salad:

I had some champagne too. :) It made my massage that much more enjoyable. :) I was sooooo relaxed.

Eventually, it was time to come home and resume normal life. I kept things easy and made whole wheat spaghetti with marinara for dinner with a bunch of extra veggies:

Then....yup...you guessed it...P90X time. It was yoga thank goodness. By the time I got home I was ready for bed!
Today's breakfast was an Eggo Nutrigrain low fat waffle with Barney Butter and strawberries:

I dropped the kids at school and went straight to Lisa's for MORE P90X. Today was legs and back and then the ab video from hell. Done. Yes!
And now I feel better because I'm up to date!