137.8 continued

Hello again! This morning's breakfast was a Eggo Nutrigrain low fat waffle with Barney Butter and a side of cantaloupe.

I dropped the kids at school, went to a room mom meeting and the post office and came home and made some lunch. Leftover salad and leftover minestrone soup that I brought home from cooking class yesterday:

I picked my son up from school and took him to get a hair cut. We had frozen yogurt afterwards:

Then it was off to buy him some new shoes and clothes. And it was pouring rain. Ugh. We got everything accomplished and came home for a bit.

Dinner was Olive Garden. I really like this place. :) I had salad with their low fat peppercorn dressing. I really don't think it was low fat. I think they gave me the wrong one...it tasted too good.

I ordered the Linguine all Marinara as my entree but my picture didn't take apparently. :(
Well...it was good and I ate it all. :)
Today was my first day off from P90X. It was nice to have a break. Week two starts tomorrow!


  1. Yay! So glad you're loving the P90x!! that fro you looks awesome - I always get vanilla/chocolate swirl... and now I want some.

  2. Minestrone soup is my favourite!


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