Vegas Recap Part Three

So, Saturday morning we went down to the Society Cafe for breakfast. I started off with a non fat vanilla latte. Yum!

Followed by a yogurt parfait. Very good!!!

After breakfast I went up to the room and got freshened up and went shopping. Met the hubby afterwards for a little gambling. Since we had a late breakfast, I wasn't really in the mood for lunch so I had the following snack before getting ready for the big fight night. The crackers turned out to be very good and very addictive!!
I had a relaxing time getting ready with my crackers and wine. The finished product:

Gotta give props to the shoes:
Before the fight, we met some friends and went to an HBO party. Tyrese was there (and he sang the National Anthem at the fight). I had some great appetizers!!
At the fight:
P. Diddy!!!
Me and Oscar De La Hoya:
And me and Michael Buffer (the "Let's Get Ready to Rumble!!! Guy):
After the fight, I was starving!! We went to eat at Noodles in the Bellagio. We all ordered one thing and shared everything. It was very satisfying!!!
Here are some more Emmy photos before we left for the awards:

So the last thing to report about is lunch today. We stopped by our favorite little Mexican joint from college days: Chanos. I had a bean and cheese burrito and some fries.

And now it's time to get back to reality. The scale is going to be scared when I get on it tomorrow. I never made it to the gym and I didn't eat as healthfully as possible but I had a great time and will be back on track tomorrow. Thanks for reading!


  1. Your parfait looks amazing! And you look gorgeous!

  2. Aww how FUN! Great picture of you and Oscar! :)


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