Yes.....breakfast was the usual (multi grain english muffin with one tablespoon Barney Butter and a half cup of strawberries). I did not take a picture because it looks the same as all the other ones. I'm so sorry to bore you but I just love peanut/almond/Barney butter and need to have it every day. I read on another blog that this obsession has a name: The PB's (peanut butter). I have the PB's all the time!!!! Good to know I'm not alone. What are you obsessed with?

After dropping the kids off at school, I went to spin class. I was the only one there (we have a small gym) so I decided I wanted to do half spin, half weights. I forgot to mention that my heart rate monitor pooped out. So I ordered this one. I'm so excited...it has GPS so I'll be able to track my run distance/time/etc.

I only had a limited amount of time before my dentist appointment (blech) so I went to Subway again. Same sandwich as yesterday (with a few bites missing):

Gosh, I'm boring lately. Sorry....I will definitely make up for it this weekend with my Vegas/Los Angeles posts. I'm sure there will be some good looking food in my future!

After my appointment I had to stop at Trader Joes. They have a Golden Spoon Frozen yogurt next door. I had a small half cake batter, half fudge brownie. Oops......too excited to remember the picture. But here's the aftermath:

I picked up some goodies for my trip this weekend. All of these things I've never tried before: Gorgonzola crackers, Vanilla Almond Crunch & Trail Mix granola bars, and pretzel sticks (like to have some healthy options in the hotel room):

I was reacquainted with this beauty:

Almond Champagne.....how I have missed you! (it's only been a week)

The hubby is at a work dinner so I decided to see what I can get rid of in the fridge. I went for the mac and cheese leftovers (whole wheat macaroni shells, cheese, broccoli and tomatoes) that I made on Saturday. I poured the last of the Cholula over it and it was delish!! Don't worry....I have a Costco two-pack of Cholula waiting for me in the wings!

Right before putting the kiddos to bed, I made a "quesadilla" using my beloved Flat Out Wraps with a couple of tablespoons of Dark Chocolate Dreams inside. I put it in a pan to warm it up. Mmmmmmm......sweet dreams it is!


  1. Haha this post has SO many things that I love: Golden Spoon, Almond Champagne (haven't had either one of those in WAYY too long), Trader Joe's goodies, and Cholula hot sauce! My boyfriend's mom just bought him the 2-pack from Costco too, and we are going through it FAST.

  2. I could serisouly eat Subway everyday, I love it SO much!
    Ah you keep posting that Almond Chanmpage...I think I might have to go pick some up!


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