Could be worse.

So breakfast was a lovely Ezekiel toast with a tablespoon of Barney Butter and a half cup of strawberries. After breakfast I took my son to his preschool preview before school officially starts tomorrow. We came back home and I cleaned out my kids' closets. Exciting, I know!!! I now need to go clothes shopping for my daughter. All of a sudden she has grown out of everything!

I took my car to get gas and a MUCH needed car wash and the hubby and I had Subway for lunch. I had a 6 inch turkey on wheat with everything except olives. There's a new self serve frozen yogurt place next door called Sweet Things so I decided to give it a try. I had a combo of cake batter and chocolate and it was really good!!! I will definitely be going back!

I took my son to his first dental cleaning. He was so well behaved and cooperative I almost didn't know what to do!!! I love it when things like this so smoothly!!!

Next was a 3 mile run.....in the heat. I walked the first mile and ran the last 3. It felt amazing and when I got home I was a sweaty mess so I had my second shower of the day.

I have a meeting at the preschool tonight so dinner was early and quick: the leftover Mexican Rice Casserole from Sunday night. It was just as good as it was then! I have five points left so I think I may have a peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread when I get back from my meeting.
Good night all!