I will not weigh anywhere near this tomorrow.

Breakfast was the same as yesterday: egg while scramble with veggies, a slice of wheat toast and a cup of coffee.

Then it was off to Orange County to my mother in law's house. I had a bunch of chips and french onion dip to start off my Labor Day craziness. Throughout the course of the day, I had two hot dogs and some turkey chili. I took a couple of bites of hubby's slice of my cake:

I also had one very small chocolate chip cookie.

So....not the worst day imaginable but not the best. We went to dinner at Don Jose's Mexican Restaurant in Anaheim Hills. I had a couple of tortilla chips and salsa and I had veggie fajitas for dinner (I really was lacking in veggies today!). They were seriously awesome. It was happy hour so I was forced to drink two glasses of chardonnay. ;)

Oh, here's what my cake looked like after sitting out all day and then having to hit the brakes pretty hard in my car on the way home:

Tasty mess.

And that was that. I had a great time, enjoyed every bite that went into my mouth, and will not feel guilty tomorrow. (I hope). :)