Well well well......I slept well last night. :)

Ok, boring boring breakfast. Yes you are tired of hearing about it and seeing it. But this was it:

Barney Butter. Mmmmmmm

So the normal Monday happenings: took kids to school, got my butt kicked at my Step and Sculpt class.

Picked up the hubby after dropping his car off to get something fixed and we decided to go to Souplantation. I really do like it there......(don't throw things at me) but it's a buffet and they have healthy options. Mucho veggies:

Not pictured: a baked potato and non fat soft serve ice cream. I enjoyed myself immensely.
I can't say I did much the rest of the day. I picked the kids up from school, caught up on blogs, and piddled around the house. I was excited for....Monday Night Football!!!! Go Chargers!!!!!
Our club was having a football party tonight so hubby and I went and enjoyed some chips, salsa, guacamole and fajitas as well as some lovely wine (2 or 3 glasses) while watching the game. :) I'm home now and the game is still on so I must sign off quickly so as not to miss it!!!