Fish Tacos & Happy New Year!

Our vacation in Hawaii has been flying by. I cannot believe it is already New Year's Day! Happy New Year everyone!

We went to Manoli's Pizza Company Saturday night for dinner. My husband and I split a Caesar salad:

IMG 5028

And a pizza with onions and peppers:

IMG 5029

The salad was good but the pizza was just ok. The thing we really liked was the "Holy Manoli" for dessert:

IMG 5030

Freshly baked cookie topped with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, caramel sauce and Oreo crumbles.

Breakfast Sunday morning was at the breakfast buffet. 

IMG 5031

We got there late and the brunch was just about to start so we stayed for that too. Why not?

IMG 5032

A brunch wouldn't be complete without the champagne!

IMG 5033

We spent the day at the pool. For lunch I had realized that I hadn't had any fish yet (a shame!) so I opted for fish tacos for lunch.

IMG 5037

They were fabulous!

That night we went over to my friend Tami's house for dinner. She had quite the spread out!

IMG 5038

IMG 5039

IMG 5040

IMG 5041

Enjoying the beautiful Maui sunset!

IMG 5045

IMG 5052

Everything was delicious!

Tami also made her famous Kahlua Cake. 

IMG 5062

It's amazing.

Breakfast the next morning was from the lounge upstairs. Toasted English muffin with peanut butter and some pineapple.

IMG 5064

We took the ferry over to Lanai for the day. We spent the day looking at this:

IMG 5065

Lunch was another round of fish tacos. 

IMG 5066

These were also amazing. I think I could live on fish tacos.

We met some friends at Duke's for dinner. My meal started with Maui Onion Soup.

IMG 5067

Followed by more fish tacos. I'm on a roll.

IMG 5068

Dessert was Hula Pie! 

IMG 5069

Yesterday's breakfast was another toasted English muffin with peanut butter.

IMG 5070

After breakfast I went to spin class with Tami. This was followed up by laying at the pool all day.

I debated on the fish tacos for lunch again but went with the tuna sandwich instead. Good choice.

IMG 5071

Eventually it was time to get ready for dinner. We went to Longhi's for New Year's Eve dinner. We were greeted with their fabulous pizza bread.

IMG 5073

IMG 5074

I chose the Veal Piccata for my entree. 

IMG 5080

I ate every bite. It was fabulous!

Dessert was good too….Chocolate SoufflĂ© that was gone in a matter of seconds. 

IMG 5082

We went back to our hotel lobby where we met Tami and her family for a drink.

IMG 5087

IMG 5089

Happy New Year!!!!

What are your New Year's resolutions? 

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  1. That view is incredible - Happy New Year Melissa!!

  2. i love Dukes! We have one in Malibu so I always go there for the Hula pie! soooo yummmmmmy! Also, do u not like to post your kids on your blog?? I know for sure it's a little debatable to post them, but I was just wondering hahahah

  3. @Denisse Cristina
    Hi Denisse! Yes...I purposely leave my kids off the blog. :)


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