144.2…Going Strong

So far so good….day two into New Year's resolution to get off holiday pounds. Last night I had a piece of salmon (which I topped with lemon juice, salt and pepper and broiled) and a salad. I even measured my salad dressing! Sometimes you forget what portion sizes look like until you measure them.

IMG 5142

Breakfast this morning was scrambled egg beaters with zucchini, green onions and salsa. I omitted my usual cheddar cheese. That was hard. Cheese makes everything awesome.

IMG 5144

I took the kids to school, then went to spin class. Afterwards I ran errands, got my nails done then stopped at Luna Grill for lunch. I had my dressing put on the side this time and told them to leave the pita and tzatziki off. 

IMG 5145

Hopefully all the little changes I'm making pay off! 

Have you made any little changes to your diet in order to cut calories/loose weight/get healthier?

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