144.0…I Came For The Chicken Salad

Last night I whipped up dinner in a flash. Caesar salad:

IMG 5254

I had some Meaty Mushroom Bolognese sauce in the freezer that I defrosted and added to some spaghetti.

IMG 5255

Dinner was done.

Breakfast this morning was toast with peanut butter and half a grapefruit.

IMG 5258

I took the kids to school then went to a PTO meeting for a couple of hours. 

Lisa's birthday is on Saturday and the celebrations began today. We all met her at La Costa Spa for a relaxing day and to help her celebrate. I love birthdays and all but the real reason I came was for their DELICIOUS chicken salad. I get it every time I go there!

IMG 5260

Just kidding. I did go to celebrate but I do REALLY love this chicken salad! There's grapes in it (I dislike fruit in my food) and I still love it!

What do you like in your chicken/tuna salad?

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