142.0…Me vs. Giant Salad

Bring on the leftovers! Thursday night it was just that. Chicken and Wild Rice Soup with a mixed green salad.

IMG 5266

Yesterday morning's breakfast was pineapple Chobani Greek yogurt with Easy Granola and mixed berries.

IMG 5267

My husband dropped the kids off at school so I had morning free time. Eventually it was time for Cardio Muscle class followed by errands and lunch at Wahoo's.

IMG 5268

I went to an event at the school, then brought the kids home. Later that night  we went to my son's basketball game (they won!) followed by picking up my favorite salad from Sammy's Woodfired Pizza:

IMG 5272

Chopped Chicken Salad. It's a ton of salad. I tossed it in a big bowl and dumped it onto my plate.

IMG 5273

I really didn't think I could eat it all. Silly me. I ate every bite. I don't know why I doubt myself. 

Breakfast this morning was scrambled egg beaters with salsa, zucchini, green onions and cheddar cheese.

IMG 5274

I took the kids to tennis lessons, then hair cuts, with a final stop at their favorite, McDonald's for lunch.

IMG 5275

My usual McDonald's order: Grilled Ranch Chicken McWrap and side salad. I did discover that hot mustard sauce on the wrap is fabulous FYI.

Tonight we are celebrating Lisa's birthday at Annette's house. The diet will definitely be broken this evening. Cheat meals are A-OK!

Do you schedule your "cheat meals" ahead of time? I usually do. 

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