144.8…No More Chips

Sunday was a day like all the other days in Punta de Mita, Mexico. Drinks, salsa, guacamole and chips. Lots of chips.

IMG 9668

It also included more silliness in the sun.

IMG 9675

This was right before I fell backwards into the pool. :)

Lunch was Ceviche with more chips. 

IMG 9676


IMG 9711

For dinner we were all a bit tired of Mexican food so we ventured off course to a small, family owned Italian restaurant called Casa Teresa Trattoria. The restaurant was adorable and we sat outside on their beautiful terrace. They brought this amazing focaccia bread to the table which we devoured with a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 

For my entree, I ordered Pappardelle Bolognese.

IMG 5241

Terrible photo for such an AMAZING dish. Their pastas were homemade and their sauces were simply incredible. Everyone enjoyed their meal immensely!

Monday we were sad. It was time to go home. We did have a couple of hours at the pool before heading to the airport. I ordered the ceviche again but realized I was really "chipped out." I think we all ate our weight in chips and guacamole on this trip.

IMG 5243

Our flight from Puerto Vallarta to Tijuana was pretty simple as was crossing the border back into the United States. 

Dinner was NOT Mexican food. We went to Island's. I couldn't wait to devour my cheeseburger and fries.

IMG 5248

Kate (my friend on our trip) told me to order ranch dressing and mix it with their hot wing sauce. Life changing, people.

It was back to diet mode this morning starting with breakfast. Scrambled egg beaters with zucchini, green onions, salsa and cheddar cheese.

IMG 5250

After I took the kids to school, I went to a meeting then hit the gym. Lunch was skinny fish tacos at Wahoo's.

IMG 5252

The taco on the right shows what it looks like once I cut it all up. A big tasty mess.

What's the last thing you ate so much of, you didn't want to see it ever again? Obviously the guacamole thing only lasted me like a day. Oh well.

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  1. Um, pretty sure I could eat guac and chips every day and not get sick of them! Glad you had a great time!


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