All Good Things….

….must come to an end. Today we leave Hawaii. Just like that….our vacation is almost over.

Friday night we went to Just Tacos for dinner. We all shared the Guacamole Bowl.

IMG 5117

It was bland, I thought. Once a bit of hot sauce was added to it, it was better.

For my entree, I had my heart set on fish tacos. Big surprise. Just Tacos didn't have grilled fish tacos, just fried which I normally don't like.

IMG 5118

These were better than I expected, being fried and all. Not the best but they did the trick.

Breakfast yesterday morning was bagels and lox at one of the hotel's restaurants.

IMG 5119

We went to the pool for a few hours. Lunch was FISH TACOS! HA!

IMG 5120

These were boring and bland but the fish was grilled! :)

I was really excited about our last dinner in Hawaii. I had done some research and found this little Italian restaurant about 15 minutes away from our hotel, called Le Nonne. 

We shared the Caesar salad to start.

IMG 5129

Excellent. For my entree, I ordered the Lobster Ravioli. Most of their pastas were homemade including the raviolis. 

IMG 5130

AMAZING. DELICIOUS. Perfection. I cleaned my plate. 

Since my daughter's 7th birthday is TODAY (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!), we celebrated with a couple of desserts.

Chocolate Mousse Cream Puff:

IMG 5133


IMG 5134

My husband stole a bite before I was able to photograph it. 

So after all the indulgences since Thanksgiving, I decided last night that all good things must come to an end. It's time for healthy eats to begin! Let's hope this lasts…..See you from San Diego!

Have you been eating healthy in 2014?

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  1. Happy birthday to your daughter! I love that once you know you like something you stick with it - hello fish tacos and caesar salad! Safe travels home!


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