142.8…Need A Superhero?

Friday night has become a big deal in our house. We usually stay home and enjoy a big meal. I usually pick a recipe that is a little more involved or has more prep work. There’s no homework or sports to be at so I have more time. This past Friday, I cheated a bit. Leftover Baked Spaghetti:

October 2013 214

I did make a Caesar salad to go with it though.

October 2013 068

And baked some fresh challah bread. 

October 2013 215

My kids attacked it before I had a chance to take a picture. My mother in law joined us Friday night and it was a nice, quiet night at home. I love those.

Saturday morning’s breakfast was scrambled Egg Beaters with salsa, cilantro, green onions and cheddar cheese.

October 2013 216

My husband took the kids to their tennis lessons and my daughter’s soccer game. I stayed home to get ready for the Halloween party in our neighborhood that night. Every year we do something called “Trunk or Treat.” We have a ton of hills in our neighborhood which makes it hard to trick-or-treat. Instead, we all gather our cars in our club’s parking area and decorate the trunks of our cars. The kids trick-or-treat from trunk to trunk. There’s a DJ, a bounce house, games, etc. It’s always a fun event. It used to be on Halloween but now is held the Saturday before Halloween.

It’s even more fun for my son because every year he picks a few friends to come to it with him and spend the night afterwards.

My lunch was a turkey sandwich with grapes and jalapeno kettle chips.

October 2013 218

Eventually it was time to get our costumes on and head to the party! It’s not just the kids who dress up but the parents too! This year my group of friends decided to all dress as women superheroes. Need a superhero anyone?

Halloween 2013 080

Halloween 2013 008 Halloween 2013 006

Halloween 2013 019

Halloween 2013 004 Halloween 2013 014

Halloween 2013 059

Halloween 2013 026 Halloween 2013 068

Halloween 2013 093

I’m not sure who had more fun: the kids or the adults! :)

After the party, we brought all the kiddos back to our house for their sleepover. We ordered pizza and salad for dinner.

October 2013 219

I had two more slices after that. Being a superhero works up your appetite!

Eventually everyone went to sleep. Even the kids. :)

Breakfast this morning was more scrambled Egg Beaters.

October 2013 220

After the kids got picked up, I hit the road for Los Angeles to pick up my mom and head to the airport for our trip to Tokyo!

October 2013 221

As I type this, I’m on the plan to Tokyo. I still can’t believe I’m going! I’m beyond excited!

If you could be any superhero, which one would you be and why? 


  1. You guys look smokin' in your costumes!! Have a great time in Japan.


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