Greetings from Tokyo!! My mom and I are really enjoying our first day here. Our internal clocks are a bit screwed up though. We were up bright and early this morning. By the time the hotel’s (Hilton Tokyo) restaurant opened for breakfast, we were more than ready.

The restaurant only served a buffet which was fine by me. I was starving. I started out with an omelet and hashed browns.

Tokyo 2013 044

The hash browns were insanely good.  I had to have more. So I did.

Tokyo 2013 045

I added some scrambled eggs and sausage to it. I didn’t eat all those potatoes…my mom shared them with me.

And for my last and final plate:

Tokyo 2013 046

Bacon, waffle with syrup and a bit more potatoes. I couldn’t help myself. 

After breakfast we were picked up for our half day Tokyo tour. We started out at the Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo 2013 001

Tokyo 2013 002

The views from the observatory area were amazing. Too bad it was such a rainy & cloudy day.

Tokyo 2013 009 Tokyo 2013 010

Tokyo 2013 006 Tokyo 2013 011

Our next stop was Meiji Shrine.

Tokyo 2013 013

Tokyo 2013 016

Tokyo 2013 017

Tokyo 2013 019

Tokyo 2013 020

Tokyo 2013 021

Tokyo 2013 023

Our last stop was the Imperial Palace East Garden. 

Tokyo 2013 025

Tokyo 2013 026

Tokyo 2013 028

Tokyo 2013 031

Really beautiful. I kept walking around thinking: I can’t believe I’m in Japan!

After our tour was over, we went back to the hotel to grab a quick lunch. At this point, I really wanted some Japanese food but the restaurant had mainly American food so I ordered a club sandwich.

Tokyo 2013 049
The sandwich wasn’t the best but the fries made up for it.

My mom and I went to Tokyo Station to catch a train from Tokyo to Kyoto where we will meet my brother and his wife who have been in Japan for a few days.

Tokyo 2013 050

Our train ride is about 3 hours to Kyoto. We will be there for a couple of days, then back to Tokyo! I really hope we can eat some sushi tonight!



  1. Wow, I can't believe you are in Toyko!! Have fun!


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