145.4…Back In Black

The instructions for Bunco last night were simple: wear black.

October 2013 104

“Halloween Bunco” at Patty’s was a huge hit. Patty decorated her house in full-on Halloween style!

October 2013 114 October 2013 106

Everyone got into the Halloween spirit.

October 2013 115

October 2013 107

October 2013 108

The crooked pictures on the wall (in the background) we part of the decor. Only a couple of people told Patty that her pictures needed to be straightened out. :)

October 2013 119

Patty outdid herself with an amazing build-your-own-taco bar!

October 2013 100

October 2013 111

I went back for two more tacos after those. Excellent!

October 2013 117

October 2013 109

What was also excellent was dessert.

October 2013 102

On the right hand side of the picture above you’ll see those black things…those were cake balls. No…not any cake balls….just the best ones in the world. I had to be removed from them. I.could.not.stop.eating.them.

October 2013 122

Patty, you rock! What an amazing night!!!

After another night out, waking up this morning at 5:45 am (my normal wake up time BTW) wasn’t so fun. I always look forward to breakfast though!

October 2013 113

Scrambled egg beaters with green onions, tomatoes and shredded cheddar cheese.

After dropping the kids off at school, Lisa picked me up for the Dia Del Sol luncheon benefitting children with cerebral palsy. We attended last year as well, and as always, it was a great event benefitting a fabulous cause.

My lunch was Grilled Cajun Jumbo Prawns with Saffron Risotto, Blistered Tomatoes, Artichoke Hearts and Chimichurri Salsa.

October 2013 125

Delicious. I really wanted another plate of the same.

Dessert was too intense.

October 2013 126

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE chocolate but this was the most rich, dark, intense chocolate I’ve ever had. Couldn’t eat it. Weird, right?? 

My husband is working late tonight so I get to get out of cooking dinner and relax. Well…I do need to pack….we are leaving for Chicago tomorrow for the USC vs. Notre Dame game on Saturday! A family tradition! :)

Have you been to any Halloween parties yet? Planning on going to any?


  1. Until I started reading your blog, I had no idea people actually had lives like yours. Eating out all the time, wine parties, charity events, flying to Vegas for a boxing match, flying to Chicago for a football game, seeing the summer Olympics in London.

    I'd like to have your life for a week! I hope you realize how lucky you are.


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