I am having an absolute blast in Japan. We have been going nonstop, eating everything in sight and seeing amazing things. Japan has to be the most different and fascinating place I’ve ever been.

Tuesday evening my mom and I boarded the train from Tokyo to Kyoto to meet my brother Neal and his wife Stephanie.

Tokyo 2013 050

We met at the train station and went to the Westin Miyako to check in. For dinner we all went to Hafu. It.was.insane.

Our meal started with a salmon appetizer.

Tokyo 2013 051

Followed by a beef carpaccio.

Tokyo 2013 053

Then a salad with beef.

Tokyo 2013 054

And mushroom soup.

Tokyo 2013 056

Then a salad.

Tokyo 2013 057

No, that was no it. All of that goodness was followed by the most delicious Wagyu beef I’ve ever had.

Tokyo 2013 058

I’ve never had beef like that. Ever. Ever. Like butter.

Dessert was good too. :)

Tokyo 2013 062

My mom, me and Stephanie.

Tokyo 2013 052

We practically had to be rolled out of there. Amazing.

Wednesday morning my mom and I were up bright and early to head to Hiroshima for the day. We grabbed a quick breakfast before we left. I had some toast and jam.

Tokyo 2013 063

Followed by more toast and cereal.

Tokyo 2013 064

We headed to Kyoto station for our train to Hiroshima.

Tokyo 2013 086

I didn’t know what to expect in Hiroshima. I didn’t expect it to be such a bustling city but it was. We visited the Peace Musuem and ground zero of the atomic bomb dropping.

Tokyo 2013 089

Tokyo 2013 090 Tokyo 2013 097

This building is the only one left standing after the bomb:

Tokyo 2013 101

Tokyo 2013 103

We spent several hours there. It was very depressing but extremely fascinating.

Before leaving Hiroshima, my mom and I grabbed some lunch. Pork dumplings:

Tokyo 2013 065


Tokyo 2013 066

We took the train back to Kyoto and met up with Neal and Stephanie. For dinner we went to Misono. They are the original Teppanyaki restaurant.

Tokyo 2013 067 Tokyo 2013 068

We had special bibs to wear. You know it’s going to be good when you have to wear a bib.

Tokyo 2013 070

Our meal started with salmon.

Tokyo 2013 072

Followed by a salad.

Tokyo 2013 073

Then it was time for our chef to prepare our Wagyu steak.

Tokyo 2013 074

Tokyo 2013 075

I thought the steak the night before was good but this was unreal. I think it’s worth the flight to Japan just for the beef.

Dessert was fruit. The fruit in Japan is beyond delicious.

Tokyo 2013 076

Breakfast this morning was the buffet at our hotel. I had an omelet and more of my favorite hashed browns.

Tokyo 2013 077

Breakfast was followed by a six hour walking tour of Kyoto.  We saw several beautiful temples and gorgeous gardens.

Tokyo 2013 118 Tokyo 2013 120

Tokyo 2013 127

Tokyo 2013 129 Tokyo 2013 131

Tokyo 2013 136

Tokyo 2013 138

We enjoyed some ramen and dumplings for lunch. This ramen was FAR better than the one before. It was excellent!

Tokyo 2013 078

Tokyo 2013 079

Tokyo 2013 139 Tokyo 2013 140

Tokyo 2013 142

Tokyo 2013 153

Tokyo 2013 158

Tokyo 2013 159 Tokyo 2013 161

We ended the tour with a bit of shopping.

Tokyo 2013 162

We found a pastry shop with the cutest doughnuts I’ve ever seen.

Tokyo 2013 163

Tokyo 2013 164

We ended our tour at Musashi Sushi.

Tokyo 2013 084

You sit down at a sushi bar and there’s a conveyor belt that goes around with various plates of sushi on it. You are charged per plate. It is intantaneous sushi. Otherwise known as perfection.

Tokyo 2013 082

We did work.

Tokyo 2013 083

I LOVE this place.


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  1. Looks wonderful. I'm sad our japan trip was postponed, going to have to get over there!

  2. You are in my neck of the woods...well, about 3 hour flight away. I love Japan, too - clean, orderly and food is yum. You must go to the sushi auction when back in Tokyo, and then have fresh sushi for breakfast. I also loooovee katsudonburri? Have never had the same anywhere but there. enjoy!!!

  3. I could live off of dumplings and ramen soup!

  4. @Andrea
    We went to the fish auction but we were too late! :( Sushi for breakfast was fun though!


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