142.8…The Windy City

Greetings from The Windy City! We arrived in Chicago yesterday afternoon. It’s already been a great time!

Breakfast yesterday was scrambled egg beaters with green onions, salsa and cheddar cheese.

October 2013 127

Our flight to Chicago was around lunchtime so I grabbed a ham & fontina ciabatta sandwich and salt & vinegar Popchips for the plane.

October 2013 128

We arrived in Chicago and went straight to our hotel.  The view from our room is amazing.

October 2013 129

October 2013 130

A friends Fred & Gia live a couple of hours away so they drove to our hotel to meet us for dinner and drinks. We had dinner at Rose Angelis. The restaurant was in the middle of a residential neighborhood and looked like a little house on the outside. You walk inside and down the hall into a room packed with people. It was a really cute place!

We all shared a couple of appetizers. Bruschetta (toasted Italian bread topped with fresh tomato tossed in basil pesto):

October 2013 131

Pretty delicious. The next appetizer was Calamari alla Griglia (grilled calamari steaks sautéed with spinach and onions in a spicy balsamic sauce with toast points):

October 2013 132

This was good too! Although I didn’t read the menu and was expecting fried calamari.

Next up was the Caesar salad:

October 2013 133

My entree was the Raviolini all Maria (salmon filled raviolini in a basil pesto cream sauce):

October 2013 134

It originally came with chopped kalamata olives but I omitted those.  The portion was HUGE. The food itself was good but there was so much of it that I felt full almost immediately. Has that ever happened to you?

The dessert we chose was the Donatella (vanilla pound cake in warm caramel sauce with white chocolate ice cream and strawberries):

October 2013 135

Overall, I liked the restaurant itself but found the food a bit average. It was great hanging out with old friends, though!

My husband was nice enough to pick up Dunkin Donuts for breakfast this morning. I had a latte and an egg white flatbread sandwich.

October 2013 136

We are headed out for some shopping and lunch!

P.S. There’s a scale in our room. It seems to be friendlier than the one I have at home. :)

 Have you ever been to Chicago? Favorite restaurants here?


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