Gotts Burgers: I will miss you!

I’m coming to you live from the San Francisco airport. We had a fabulous time in Napa and enjoyed the beautiful wedding last night.

Yesterday after complaining about our noisy neighbors upstairs  (they were having a party for most of the night and threw their cigars all over our patio), the hotel was understanding and more than generous in trying to make it up to us. They moved our room, waived that night’s room fee and gave us a free bottle of sparking wine. Wow!

October 2010 025

My husband was more than excited. :)

The hotel we stayed at was called The Harvest Inn in St. Helena. The staff was very friendly and accommodating and we’d stay there again for sure. Each room had a fire place with real wood. We always had a fire going in the fireplace.

October 2010 026

Before our room move, we both had a massage which was lovely. We decided to return to Gotts Roadside for another fabulous burger. I can’t get enough!

October 2010 027

This time I ordered the regular cheeseburger and stole some of hubby’s chili cheese fries:

October 2010 028

The cheeseburger tasted very similar to In N Out’s cheeseburger. Delicious! I love Gotts!

Afterwards, it was time to get ready for Gregg and Mary’s wedding. We waited outside our hotel for the shuttle to come get us:

October 2010 029

The wedding was held at Auberge de Soleil…..a beautiful hotel with equally amazing views. Here was the view at the ceremony:

October 2010 031

The bridge and groom:

October 2010 032

As soon as the ceremony ended, we were handed a glass of champagne:

October 2010 033

I ended up having two before entering the room for dinner.

October 2010 035

The flower centerpiece at our table:

October 2010 038

The first course was an arugula salad with apples and blue cheese:

October 2010 040

The second course was a heirloom bean and garlic crouton & pesto soup:

October 2010 041

The main course was a filet of beef with potatoes au gratin and spinach:

October 2010 042

The dessert course consisted of a mini chocolate flourless cake, peanut butter ice cream sandwich and a vanilla milkshake. Fun!

October 2010 043

After some time the cake was cut. Vanilla cake with butter cream icing:

October 2010 044

They also had red velvet cake as well which I had a few bites of. I liked the red velvet better.

We had a great time…the best part was when Mary, the bride, jumped on the drums and performed a couple of songs much to Gregg’s shock…he had no idea she could play (no one did) and she was good!!! We took the shuttle back and called it a night.

After a fabulous night’s rest, we woke up and grabbed breakfast at the hotel.

October 2010 045

I knew I wanted another one of their fabulous homemade English muffins. They rock my world. I toasted it and put some ham and cheese inside and it got all gooey and melty. Nice! Some pineapple on the side finished it off nicely. :)

We got dressed and packed up and checked out of our hotel. We decided to make one last stop at Gotts for lunch:

October 2010 046

Texas Burger….I will miss you terribly. I will also miss you:

October 2010 047

Ahhhhh….back to healthy eating!!

Our flight is delayed but hopefully will leave soon. See you on the flip side!

What was the best thing you ate all weekend?  I don’t have to tell you mine….I’m sure you can guess. :)


  1. glad you had fun! I went to the in-laws this weekend for a party and there was some good eats there...homemade egg rolls, carnitas, teriyaki chicken....oh and chocolate mousse cake but we won't talk about that ;-)


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