140.8 and ready to relax!

When I got home from the train station last night, I knew exactly what I wanted for dinner. I had turkey meatballs waiting for me in the freezer. All I had to do was defrost them and make some spaghetti:

October 2010 080

Comforting and easy!!

I loved the new chipotle flavor of Laughing Cow cheese so much that I decided to repeat Wednesday morning’s breakfast.

October 2010 081

Egg beaters in a whole wheat tortilla smeared with the chipotle cheese. I made a little fruit salad consisting of cantaloupe and strawberries.

I took the kids to school and had some time to run to the grocery store. We need veggies badly!! All is better in the world now! I put the groceries away and went to Cardio Muscle and Zumba classes. After two great workouts, it was lunch time. Look at the other new flavor of Laughing Cow I bought:

October 2010 082

I made a sandwich using a sandwich thin and put this cheese on both sides. Inside was turkey, lettuce, cucumber and tomato:

October 2010 083

I heated up some tomato and roasted red pepper soup that I bought at Costco. Great lunch!

I got some laundry started and then was off to pick up my daughter from school. I came home and made a snack:

October 2010 084

A honeycrisp apple and a light Babybel cheese (told you I needed these in my life!).

My husband picked up my son from school and took him to baseball lessons (which he doesn’t like). Should be interesting to see how it goes. :)

Not sure what we are doing for dinner tonight. I have a new recipe I want to try but I’ll wait and see what the husband wants to do (i.e. what kind of mood he’s in) when he gets home.

I’m really looking forward to chilling this weekend. We’ve been away the last few weekends and I’m done traveling for awhile. I want to tackle my to-do list and get stuff organized.

Any exciting plans for the weekend?

What one place in the world would you love to travel to?