Hi everyone! How’s your weekend treating you? I’ve been enjoying a lot of good eats!

Friday night while my mother in law was with the kiddos, I met hubby at the club for dinner. I had a glass of wine and some prime rib:

October 2010 170

Mmmm. We went home to meet the kids and everyone went to bed.

Yesterday morning, hubby and I made pancakes for everyone for breakfast. I put some Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter in mine:

October 2010 171

I love pumpkin butter in pancakes. Then it was onto making the pumpkin cake that I was bringing to Dina’s party last night. The recipe was from my favorite cooking instructor, Phillis Carey. While the cake was in the oven, I made the caramel sauce.

Sugar, butter, dark corn syrup, heavy cream and salt:

October 2010 172

Bring it to a boil:

October 2010 173

Let it boil until golden:

October 2010 174

Add in some more heavy cream and stir until caramel melts and is smooth:

October 2010 175

I think I let it get too dark but it was good anyway!

Pumpkin cake out of the oven:

October 2010 176


October 2010 177

We had a quick lunch of bean and cheese burritos before we took the kids to a birthday party:

October 2010 178

My babysitter brought us these fabulous tortillas. They are so good! Of course I had some Cholula with my burritos. :) At the party I had a slice of cheese pizza and a couple of bites of my daughter’s chocolate cupcake.

When we got home it was time to prep the next dish I was bringing to Dina’s house: Indian Butter Chicken….my favorite meal ever! I went to the same party at her house last year and made the same thing. You can see the post and find the recipe for this sinfully delicious dish here.

Busy kitchen!

October 2010 179

Of course I had to have some vino to help me with the cooking:

October 2010 180

While the chicken was simmering on the stove I got dressed for the party. It just so happened to be a costume party so I got to wear my new costume! Nothing too crazy….I only had to buy the bunny ears, bow tie and the lace wrist thingies:

October 2010 181

Playboy bunny!

I had some wine and ate some delicious appetizers at Dina’s party. Dina and I:

October 2010 182

Indian Butter Chicken ready to go:

October 2010 183

Time to dig in!

October 2010 184

Check out the rice that was made…..everyone likes to fight over the crunchy top:

October 2010 185

Everyone was helping in the kitchen:

October 2010 186

Hubby and I:

October 2010 188

Just in case you can’t tell….he was a boxer. :)

My plate:

October 2010 189

I’d like to tell you what everything is but I’m not sure….all I know is that everyone was delicious!!!

Here’s my pumpkin cake with the caramel drizzle:

October 2010 190

Yum! We had such a great time at Dina’s Halloween party. Can’t wait to do it again next year!!

Eat anything fabulous this weekend?


  1. I want that cake! :)

  2. Nothing as fabulous as that cake looks! I want to lick the screen.

    You look great in your costume.

    I've had a cold, so the only thing that I could actually taste was sushi with lots of wasabi.

  3. You look smokin' hot! And you're such a good cook! Caramel and pumpkin is a scrumptious combo and your chicken looks excellent!


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