139.8… Barbecue Heaven

I was in barbecue heaven for sure at our friend’s house last night. When I arrived with the kids, there was a nice spread of chips and dips out:

October 2010 103

I had a few of each plus some yummy guacamole that arrived after this photo was taken.

A couple glasses of wine:

October 2010 104

The “Mrs. Wedge” is a take off of my husband’s fantasy football name. :)

Our friends had Phil’s Barbecue cater the party…..fabulous barbecue! I was more than excited and it did not disappoint. My plate:

October 2010 107

Two ribs, a barbecue beef sandwich and some cole slaw. YUM! One of our friends made the most delicious chocolate cupcakes with mascarpone frosting. I finished what my son didn’t eat of his. What a great time!

This morning I had a low fat waffle with Barney Butter and some cantaloupe. This has been the best cantaloupe I’ve ever had!

October 2010 108

I took the kids to school and went to both Cardio Muscle and Zumba classes. After two great workouts, I came home to change and grab a snack before picking up my daughter from school:

October 2010 109

This honeycrisp was so juicy….the apple was dripping everywhere! 

After getting back, I was starving. Lunch was so freaking good.

October 2010 110

Trader Joe’s pea soup and a quesadilla made with a wheat tortilla, a Laughing Cow sun-dried tomato wedge, sautéed spinach, zucchini and onions. I dipped each bite into salsa.  I loved this lunch!!

Then it was time to pick up my son and make a quick run to the grocery store. As I type, I’m enjoying a snack:

October 2010 111

I received this sample of Kashi’s Original 7 Grain Crackers….they are pretty good! And they are even better with the Babybel cheese! I have a meeting soon for the Sports/Fitness committee I’m on at my gym, then dinner, then bed! Enjoy the rest of your evening!

Do you like eating snacks or are you a three meal a day sort of person? 


  1. BOTH! hehe I like 3 meals a day and 2-3 snacks. If I snack all day I just don't feel full (probably eating the wrong snacks :) )

  2. YUM!
    Delicious-looking meals!
    I usually eat three main meals and one snack...
    I'm trying to change it, though. Adding one, maybe two more snacks in my goal :D

  3. I like snacks! I usually have 3 meals plus 2 snacks per day. I go by hunger, but that is usually exactly how it works out.

  4. The barbecue looks amazing! And reminded my stomach it's time for lunch! I'm a total snack girl - sometime I just eat little snacks all day until dinner - I can't go long without nibbling on something. And you are inspiring me to workout...more.

  5. I am a big snacker! I pack a morning snack and an afternoon snack with me for work everyday :)


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