141.4… So far so good

Happy Monday!

Today’s breakfast was an egg white sandwich on a sandwich thin with a Laughing Cow sun-dried tomato cheese wedge and spinach. On the side was a bowl of strawberries and blackberries:

October 2010 198

I took the kids to school and then went to Zumba.  I came home to change and grabbed an apple to eat on the way to pick up my daughter from school.

October 2010 199

When we got home, I heated up some of the soup my sister in law brought over yesterday:

October 2010 200

Mushroom Barley soup. Mmmmm….perfect for a rainy fall day! Afterwards it was time to pick up my son from school.

So far so good in my healthy eating plan for day. Hubby wanted to go to the club for Monday night football (HOT WINGS!!!) but our friends can’t make it. I’m not sad….I think hot wings would definitely derail my healthy eating plan for the day!

What food can you NOT say no to? 


  1. The Mushroom Barley soup just made me hungry! :)


  2. Okay, your meals for the day were perfectly healthy.

    What food can I not say no too? Baked macaroni and cheese-any style.

  3. We just came back from having hot wings at our club for Monday Night Football. (And a couple of glasses of vino.)

    I can't say no to cake with lots of frosting or sushi!

  4. Such a loaded question. Let's see: Pizza, fries, fried rice and peanutbutter balls - off the top of my head. hehe


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