Even though it was drizzling last night, we had a great time at our friend’s barbecue. What’s not to love?


Oct 2010 001

Great apps….

Oct 2010 002

Steak on the barbecue (which I failed to photograph!) and my chocolate cake…

Oct 2010 003

I stuck to one piece but I did add a little ice cream after this picture was taken. :) We had a great time catching up with friends!

Breakfast this morning was an oldie but goodie:

Oct 2010 004

Egg beater sandwich on a light wheat English muffin with some salsa and swiss cheese. I had some cantaloupe and strawberries as well.

Then the Monday morning routine began….take kids to school, go to Cardio Muscle class, go to Zumba class, feel exhausted.

Pick up daughter, come home. Make lunch:

Oct 2010 005

I had a serious craving for  pasta. I boiled some wheat egg noodles and added some frozen broccoli to the pot during the last few minutes of cooking time. I topped it with marinara, grated Romano cheese, pepper and red pepper flakes. It hit the spot.

So did this:

Oct 2010 006

My favorite candy bar. The kids got a bunch of candy this weekend at their various parties and my son was sweet enough to give me this one piece because he knows it’s my favorite. What a guy!

I picked up my son from school, paid some bills, put some of the laundry away and blogged! And now we are at present time. I think I may sit on the couch with the kids and enjoy this rainy day by reading my new Cooking Light magazine.

What magazines do you subscribe to/read on a regular basis? 

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  1. Yummm Wine!
    I saw the chocolate cake, after you said steak, and thought it was super super well done! Geez! Your breakfast looks great! :)


  2. Hahaha! That made me laugh....that would be one super well done steak!

  3. I get way too many magazines- Oxygen, Fitness, Shape, Cooking Light, Bon Apetite, Food and Wine, Real Simple, Martha Stewart and I might be missing something!

  4. I read Cooking Light, Fitness, Food and Wine, and occasionally Self.

  5. I LOVE crunch bars - those mini fun size ones are awesome!!

    I love reading Fitness, Shape, Glamour and Cosmo!


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