Happy almost Friday!! I'm blogging at my brother's place in Santa Monica right now, about to get ready for the festivities tonight!

Let's rewind to Ladies Night last night. We went to a restaurant nearby called Delicias. I had been there for lunch a couple of times but not for dinner. I enjoyed a glass of wine:

The table ordered a pizza with prosciutto and arugula for the table:

Such a great pizza!! There was a drizzle of balsamic vinegar on it and it really made the pizza!

I ordered a chopped vegetable salad to start:

It was a great salad with tons of veggies...that's purple cauliflower in there. :)

My friend and I decided that the pizza we had was so good that we'd order another one and share it:

That's my half. I'm so glad we got the pizza because it was outstanding! We had a great time laughing and catching up! I really enjoyed Delicias. We sat in their outdoor patio and it had plenty of heat lamps and a fabulous fireplace in which I sat in front of. Our waiter, Travis, was excellent!

Breakfast this morning was an egg beater sandwich on a light wheat English muffin with a slice of low fat swiss cheese and a side of cantaloupe:

My son had a field trip today and I was one of the drivers/chaperones. We went to the Carlsbad Flower Fields and had a great time! When it was lunch time for the kids, I was glad I brought a snack: Flat Out Wrap with Better N Peanut Butter and an apple:

We finished up the field trip and I came home and got packed up. Before my sister in law picked me up, I made a quick turkey and swiss sandwich on whole wheat with lettuce and mustard:

I hopped in the car and we hit the road for LA! I did eat a Kelloggs Fiber bar along the way. Now I need to get ready for my brother in law's law firm party. The husband is working today and will meet me there. After the party we are going to hit the road for Las Vegas!! We are going to the Mayweather/Mosley fight. I'm so excited!!!
Wine or Beer for the rest of your life.....which one would you choose? No question here for me....wine. :) I never drink beer. In fact, I always tell people that if you ever see me drinking beer, that means I've had to much to drink and need to be removed from the situation. Fortunately that hasn't happened in a LONG time!


  1. Wine Please :) I could definitely pick that for the rest of my life.

  2. Oh wine, hands down. I hate beer. Always have and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Have fun at the fight, that's so cool that you're going!

  3. I don't care for beer, so easy choice. I could easily drink wine as my only beverage for the rest of my life.

  4. Why isn't Kahlua in there?! LOL! Ladies night out was a blast! We should make that a frequent stop!


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