Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is here!!!

Yesterday I had a snack before dinner: Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal, Fiber One cereal and blackberries, raspberries and strawberries:

Dinner was leftover penne with meat sauce that I turned into "lasagna". I piled it into a casserole dish and topped it with low fat shredded mozzarella cheese and baked it:

It tasted awesome! Too bad my dinner pic didn't turn out. (???)

It looked really nice next to the leftover mozzarella caprese salad from my party. Oh well.

After putting the kids to bed, hubby and I took a dip in the jacuzzi. That felt so good on my sore muscles!! I had some chocolate Cheerios with almond milk afterwards for dessert. My camera was upstairs and I was too lazy to get it, so no picture. I should have taken it upstairs to eat it though.....it would have helped me stay away from this:

That Chocolate Chip Paradise Cookie Pie is ridiculously delicious! Please someone take these away from me.....maybe I'll just do what I do with everything else: freeze them.

Maybe something is wrong with my camera because it ate my breakfast picture. I had an egg beater sammie with salsa and low fat swiss with a side of cantaloupe.

I took the kids to school and went to Cardio Muscle class. We had a sub today and I think she was trying to kill us at one point. Because I'm a glutton for punishment, I went to Zumba too....the instructor will be on vacation next week so I need to get all the Zumba I can now right? :)
I went to pick up my mail and what did I see???

Hello! That's ME on the cover of our local newspaper. And that is a BIG picture too. That was taken at the opening of the farmer's market I went to recently. Kinda crazy huh?? :)

Attention! Attention: Repeat meal offender!!

That's the exact same thing I had for lunch yesterday....it was so good, I couldn't help myself. :)

Then I was off to my nail appointment....yes....I go every two weeks. If my nails look nice, then I feel good. :) Before, I stopped to grab a few groceries and an iced coffee:

When I came home, it was time for a snack: berries with a drizzle of agave:

Would you like one of these:

Well, you better enter my giveaway for it then! All the rules are here. Good luck!!

What are your weekend plans? I don't have too many which is a nice change!!!


  1. I DEFINITELY WANT TO WIN THAT THING! Does it need batteries? Hee, hee, hee!!!

    I love your idea for the leftover penne and sauce...will try that!

    I see that delish dish of Chicken, brown rice, and mushrooms...had some for lunch today as well, sans the rabbit food (lettuce) underneath!

    You look stunningly gorgeous in the photo...can you sign my copy? I want to be your first stalker!

    Come back to P90x...I miss you kickin' my butt!

  2. Oh you are famous! Love it. Let's see...this weekend I am going to Las Vegas...with my dad...but just for Sat night. Oh yeah I know how to party :-)

  3. Great pic! Our farmer's market opens next weekend!

  4. I love that you made the paper!

  5. You look so glamorous! I want to win that spiralizer like nobody's biznazz!


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