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Now onto the eats!!!!

Last night I decided that a Saturday night calls for one of these:

Oh yeah. I brought out some leftover Fiesta Casserole from the freezer for dinner. I heated up some black beans and put some salsa on the side and BAM! Dinner.

My refrigerator is looking much more calm now....I've done a pretty good job of getting rid of leftovers!
We decided to take the kids to Sweet Things for frozen yogurt:

That's a mix of Funfetti (please don't ever get rid of this!), Cookies N Cream and Red Velvet Cake.

We got the kids to bed and the hubby and I did our hundredpushups.com program (Week 1, Day 3). I still can't believe that I'm supposed to be able to do 100 consecutive push ups when this is done!

This morning I was able to sleep in AGAIN (7:45!!) but that meant I was going to be a little behind with the stuff I had to get done. I took a shower, got ready and went to get my car washed. I cannot tell you the last time I had my car washed...it's disgusting. I'm a super clean freak in my home, but my car....well that's another story. Is anyone else like that? I think it's because I have kids....it's just too hard to keep clean. Anyway, I ran out the door without having breakfast so there was a Subway next to the car wash so I decided to try their new breakfast sandwich:

That's a Western Egg (egg whites) & Cheese with black forest ham with some veggies on a light wheat english muffin. It was pretty tasty actually! Not as filling as I'd like it to be but it did the job! I had a cup of coffee as well.

I came back home, put all the car seats (washed those too!) back in and got my daughter dressed and took her to a friend's birthday party. I tried a bite of the her pizza and a few bites of the birthday cake....can't say no to cake right!!!

When we came home, I made lunch. The last of the stuffed shells with a GIANT salad:

Wow...I ate the whole thing. I love me my veggies!!!!
I just finished writing all my son's birthday thank you notes and am waiting for my hubby to get back so I can go on a run.
If you could only eat vegetables OR fruit for the rest of your life...which one would you pick? I'd go with veggies for sure!!!!


  1. oh good to know - i've been wanting to check out Subway's breakfast menu! I'd probably go with vegatables.... there's so many more veggies than fruits that I need for recipes! :)

  2. Oh I could not pick...I love fruits and veggies so much! Lately I've been having more fruit, I think it's a summer thing. Oh and as far as cleaning go...I'm not very neat at home, in my car, at work, etc. Ha good thing my BF is a clean freak...he helps keeps me in line!

  3. I would definitely choose veggies!

    I'm the same way about being a neat freak, but not so much with the car. I think it's from my years in pharmaceutical sales, where I worked in/ out of my car.


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