Happy Monday to y'all! Did everyone have a nice weekend?

Before we went out to dinner last night, I had some Progresso Light soup so I wouldn't be starving when I got to the restaurant.

We went to Garcia's Mexican restaurant in Encinitas. We haven't been since New Year's Eve, I think. I managed to avoid the chips and salsa somehow even though I was really hungry. So much for the soup right? I ordered the chicken tostada salad with no cheese and no sour cream:

Check out the guacamole mountain! Nice! I poured salsa all over it and went to town. I really thought I could finish it but it was too big even for me. :)

Today the kid's went back to school. I am always excited when they go back to school but I don't miss the craziness in mornings getting everyone out the door. That being said, breakfast was one of my quickie specials: a Kashi waffle with almond butter and a side of strawberries:

After taking the kids to school, I went to Lisa's for the Core Synergistics video (last time!) for P90X. That video is hard. I mean, "prison cell push ups"??? Are you kidding me?

I decided to go to Zumba to burn some extra calories so I had a Fiber One bar on the way:

After Zumba, I was hungry for lunch and only had about 20 minutes so I heated up some Trader Joe's pea soup.

I'm not sure which soup I liked better: Trader Joe's or Amy's....both are good!

I picked up both kids from school and brought them home. I had a grocery list the length of my arm so I decided to tackle that today. First, I felt some frozen yogurt from Sweet Things was in order. The usual Funfetti/Peanut Butter combo but with some berries this time:

Yeah, that's a full cup! I hit up Trader Joe's and Ralphs and came home to put all my loot away. I didn't buy anything new or special so nothing interesting to report about sadly.

I have a meeting for the sports committee I'm on at the club soon so I need to get dinner prepped so I can just throw it together when I get home.

Do you volunteer your time anywhere?


  1. I have volunteered a ton of hours in the past and am now searching for something that really speaks to me.

  2. Zumba?! Love it -haven't done it in forever - so fun!

    I only really volunteer with work events - always fulfilling but I have a hard time getting motivated on my own.

  3. I know that you know that I know how much you LOVE that Core Synergistics DVD...c'mon now!

    How great is Sweet Things?! Thank GOD that store opened...now that Starbucks took all the high-fructose corn syrup out of their frappucino mix, that frozen heaven (I mean yogurt)is my ONLY TREAT!


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