As promised, last night's dinner was simple: whole wheat rotini pasta with marinara and red pepper flakes:

It hit the spot. After I put the kids to bed at 8PM, I went to bed. Yep....I'm cool like that.

Breakfast this morning was an egg beater scramble with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, zucchini, spinach, a Laughing Cow wedge and some salsa:

Then it was P90X time. I was not feeling it AT ALL. But since it was the last time I had to the Back & Biceps video, I tried to give it my all. We also had the dreaded Ab "crapper" video as well.

I came home and showered and made some lunch: the rest of the pasta from last night:

My brother in law and his son came in to visit from Austin, Texas. We are having more family tomorrow so I decided to pull some goodies out of the freezer: Cheddar Beer Bread, apple bread, Sugar cookie bars, brownies, pumpkin cookies and peanut butter banana muffins. Whew!

I'm so lucky to have an extra freezer in my garage. I have a never ending stash in there!!

It's early but I decided some white wine was in order!

Yes, that's an empty glass. I was slow taking the picture. :) The boys are out golfing and when they get back, we are all going over to my sister in law's for dinner!
Any fun weekend plans?


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