134.8.....P90X Complete!!!

Today was a BIG day: I completed P90X today. More on that later...

Last night before my evening meeting, I was hungry again so I had a snack to hold me over:

I don't know what was with me yesterday but I was constantly hungry! Actually, that sounds normal for me so never mind! :)

I didn't get home from my meeting until about 6:45 so I was really ready for dinner. I decided a glass of wine was in order first:

I tried another new recipe: Whole-Wheat Chili-Mac from the Weight Watcher website.

I put some chopped raw onion and Cholula on top...WOW! It was really good!! I'll definitely make this again!!

Guess what was for dessert? You got it....Special K granola with almond milk. I think I'm slightly obsessed.

This morning's breakfast was Fage yogurt with Fiber One cereal and raspberries and strawberries:

This is actually the breakfast I normally choose before I go to cooking class (which I did today). The Fage is 2 points and everything else in the bowl is zero points so it's a nice low point breakfast that is healthy and filling.

I took the kids to school and headed over to Great News for a cooking class. Today's class was a shorter one that started later so I headed over to Starbucks with my laptop to get some work done. I brought my own coffee from home and bought a fruit cup while I was there:

Today's class was entitled "Entertaining Gluten Free, Low Carb and Delicious". Now, I do not eat gluten free nor low carb but I was just interested in the recipes. Today's class was a little different that the ones you usually see here. It was an hour shorter and was a "lunch" where you are served everything at once. I prefer the longer class because I get to be in class longer and because I get more food. :) I find that the "lunch" classes don't have enough to eat for my liking.

Today's "lunch" was Pork Tenderloin with Dried Cherry and Rosemary Port Sauce, Mashed Cauliflower with Garlic and Chives, and Asparagus with Caramelized Shallots:

The cauliflower recipe was on the one I came for. It did not disappoint. It was awesome!! It really gave mashed potatoes a run for their money!! Everything else was fabulous too! But...not enough food for me. :) Sometime I think I have a furnace is my body that burns food immediately. :)

Dessert was Strawberries with Cannoli Cream and Pistachios:

Heavenly!!!!! But where's my second bowl???? :) Thank you Phillis Carey for another fabulous class. I can't help it if I'm a bottomless pit. :)

I picked my son up from school and came home for a snack before my workout: light wheat toast with Barney Butter:

Then it was off to Lisa's for THE FINAL DAY of P90X!!!! Lisa didn't feel well so I was on my own. Today's video was Yoga. I felt that it was a nice send-off. Let's just say that I'm super proud of myself for sticking with the program and completing it. Yes it was hard. Yes it got boring at times (thank goodness I was able to do it with a friend....thank you LISA!!).
But...I'm in the best shape of my life. I can do things I couldn't do before: pull ups, chin ups, crane pose, etc. I can lift heavier weights. I can do a ton of push ups. I'm proud of what I've accomplished.
So yes, I recommend doing the program. It's intense and it requires commitment but it's worth it! I hope you're lucky enough to have a friend like Lisa to do it with. It makes all the difference. I told myself at the beginning of the program that if I completed it, I'd take myself to Lululemon and buy myself some new workout clothes. So I guess I need to do that right? :)

Hubby is out of town so I was on my own for dinner. Oh, he told me that he's going to take me to Firenze for dinner soon to celebrate my P90X accomplishment. Yeah!! Back to dinner....I heated up some of the awesome chili mac from yesterday and made a big salad to go with it:

I was going to have a glass of wine but since I'm going to Bunco tomorrow night, I decided to hold off. I also decided I'd rather have some granola......


  1. Look at all your healthy food - this post made me hungry.

  2. Great job on completing p90x. I like your review and it's only continued to peak my interest. off to look for it on ebay...

    Oh, and I'm hungry all the time too. I like quantity. :-)

  3. Can't wait to see what you get at Lululemon!

  4. You go Melissa! Great job completing P90X!


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