We had a great time last night at our friend's house! We opened up the bottle of Merlot I brought:

Then it was time to sit down for dinner. We started with a Mexican squash soup:

It tasted amazing!!!!! Like a cross between asparagus and broccoli. Dinner was lamb, potatoes, gravy and salad:

So good!!! Next I brought the Oreo cake out:

Um.....why is there a giant crack in my cake!?! Fortunately, my son didn't notice....he was very excited about his Oreo ice cream cake!! The cake was very rich and dense....like a flour less chocolate cake or a rich brownie. The kids liked it and I think the adults did too. I'm not sure I'd use the recipe on the box next time. I'd prefer the cake to be more "cake like."

Breakfast was an egg beater sandwich on light wheat toast with a slice of light swiss and a side of cantaloupe:

Now I'm getting ready for my son's birthday party. I did try a taste of the Blonde Brownies.....yum!!! Hubby thought they were too rich....but I disagree. :)
What is your very favorite dessert? I would have to say mine is Chocolate Lava Cake with a side a vanilla ice cream!


  1. I can't really pick a favorite dessert, I like it all. But that cake is AMAZING looking! Congrats.


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