Last night's dinner involved a nice product I was sent to try: White Girl Salsa:

Isn't that a cute name?? Check out their website and see how the name came about!! I originally saw the salsa on Mara's blog and decided to make her Tamale Pie.

I served it with black beans and some more salsa:

It was good! Hubby liked it too! That's always a plus! For dessert I had a Weight Watcher 1 point fudge bar:

Breakfast this morning was a light English muffin with Barney Butter and a side of cantaloupe:

Then it was off to Lisa's to do the LAST Plyometrics video for P90X. I really don't like that video....and that's putting it lightly. It is hard. Plain and simple. I wasn't feeling like it this morning but I BROUGHT it because I knew it was the last time I had to do that blasted thing. And because I'm super crazy (they don't call me "Animal-lissa" for nothing!), I went to Zumba too. I won't lie....I was exhausted afterwards. Good thing there was the "tuna ball" salad for lunch:

Ahhh.....much better! I went home afterwards and chilled on the couch for awhile. I decided to bake some cookies because we have family coming into town this weekend. I decided to try Tina's Chocolate Banana Bread Cookies:

She was right: Holy yum!!! Great cookie! Tastes just like banana bread with chocolate chips. Now here's the weird thing: I don't like bananas by themselves but I like them in baked goods. Go figure.

In the spirit of "Done with Plyometrics" day, I am currently having some red wine:

I decided to have a salad to hold me over a little longer until dinner time. I tried a new balsamic vinegar that I bought at Great News. It's by Cali Vinegar and it's 18 years old and not too expensive:

I tried it in the store and loved it. So I put it on salad:

Hmmm....I think it was too sweet for salad for me. I'd rather see it on tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. :)

Ok, I think I'm going to make something easy for dinner and call it a night. I'm officially pooped.


  1. Animal-lissa...I like it! Congrats on almost being done with P90x I am sooo proud of you! most people I know gave it up. I hope you'll give a final review when you finally finish. I'm thinking about doing it after my half marathon (in August, haha)


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