139.0…Salmon Obsession

I know I sound like a broken record, but I seriously cannot get enough of this Amazing Salmon recipe. My husband wasn't home for dinner last night (he doesn't eat fish) so I knew immediately what I wanted.

IMG 6059

I thought I had put on too much sauce at first but, alas, no. It tastes great on asparagus too. 

This morning I slept in a bit and only had a few minutes for breakfast. That's when my Special K Flatbread Breakfast Sandwiches come in handy!

IMG 6060

I took the kids to "puppy class" with our trainer to see our new dog Arnold! She's doing so well in training! After class, my daughter had a tennis lesson, then I took the kids to McDonald's for lunch.

IMG 6062

Yay for their spicy buffalo sauce!! 

What food(s) do you like that your significant other doesn't?

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  1. Pretty much everything I like, my husband doesn't! I love Indian food, Mexican, spicy shit. And he hates having breakfast for dinner!


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