140.2…Date Night with the Ladies

My daughter got to chose where we ate lunch yesterday. With her, it will either be Souplantation or Olive Garden. It was off to Olive Garden we went.

I had the soup & salad combo.

IMG 6150

I tried the Chicken & Gnocchi soup. It was ok. I'm really just there for the salad. Multiple bowls of salad, that is.

IMG 6151

My son went to a friend's house to spend the night. That left my husband, daughter and myself. We decided that we really wanted to go to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. With a seven year old. You have to try things once, right!?! I told her it was a fancy restaurant for grown ups. She got so excited and put her favorite new dress on complete with tights and fancy shoes. It was beyond adorable.

My husband and I shared Carpaccio to start.

IMG 6155

It was amazing. We also shared a wedge salad. 

IMG 6156

I had two mini filets with shrimp for my entree.

IMG 6157

We shared asparagus and creamed spinach. 

IMG 6158

My daughter ate French fries, by the way.(I fed her before we left.) Ruth's Chris has a kid's menu (who knew!?!) but she's a picky eater. 

My husband's birthday is coming up this week so we decided to celebrate a few days early with some creme brûlée.

IMG 6160

My daughter behaved SO well and we all had a great date night together! 

Breakfast this morning (after gloriously sleeping in) was a Special K Flatbread Breakfast Sandwich. 

IMG 6161

Today has been spent getting stuff done around the house. Nothing exciting. 

My husband went to pick up my son and some Marketplace Grill for lunch.

IMG 6162


What was your favorite restaurant as a child? Mine were Denny's and Sizzler. :)

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  1. I was wondering what your daughter was going to eat at Ruth's Chris! It's funny, but growing up eating out was a BIG deal - like once or twice a year big deal.

    My husband and I joke that our kids growing up went out to eat more times in a month than we did in a year growing up!


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