139.8…High End Cupcakes

There was yet another birthday celebration yesterday: my friend Lila's!!

IMG 1934

It was a beautiful day to celebrate at Rancho Valencia!

IMG 6128

IMG 1866

The birthday girl with me:

IMG 1864

IMG 1872

IMG 1862

IMG 1876

IMG 1889

IMG 1893

IMG 1895

IMG 1898

Time to eat!

IMG 6125

IMG 1914

IMG 1904

IMG 1911

There were a couple types of pizzas at the table. I headed straight towards the one with the pepperoni and mushrooms. 

IMG 6127

I love pizza. 

We had a choice from several entrees for lunch. I chose the Lobster Salad Trio with Tomato Basil Soup.

IMG 1919

I made the right choice. Everything was delicious! 

IMG 1923

IMG 1940

IMG 1922

Did you see the fabulous cupcakes!?!

IMG 1934

For those that know Lila, these fit her perfectly!

IMG 1925

Heck….who doesn't want some Chanel cupcakes in their life!?!

IMG 1933

Happy Birthday Lila!! 

I took the kids to Pei Wei for dinner last night. I ordered the kid's size honey seared shrimp with brown rice an veggies.

IMG 6135

Breakfast this morning was a Special K Flatbread Breakfast Sandwich before heading out the door to puppy class and tennis lessons.

IMG 6138

Our puppy Arnold is doing so well and will be coming home in a few days!!

If you could design a cupcake to fit your personality, what would it look like?

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  1. I love those cupcakes... Very chic! My cupcakes would be Chanel in pink! How about you?

  2. @MelJane
    I"m thinking some Gucci cupcakes! :)


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