140.8…Pizza on the Grill!

One of my favorite foods is pizza. I don't make it at home nearly enough. Last night, we went over to Alicia's for dinner and they were making pizza on the barbecue using this pizza stone for the grill:

IMG 6165

I have to get me one of those babies! The pizza turned out SO delicious and perfectly crispy on the bottom. I have a hard time getting the bottom as crispy as I like it in the oven without burning the rest of the pizza. 

We had so many different kinds of pizzas! The first one was a cheese one for the kids. I tried it, of course. Delish!

IMG 6168

The next pizza was an olive tapenade pizza:

IMG 6169

That was followed by a BBQ Chicken pizza:

IMG 6170

Next up was prosciutto and eggplant:

IMG 6171

And finally a pepperoni pizza!

IMG 6172

By the time I left, I was in blissful pizza heaven. I cannot chose a favorite. They were all perfect in their own way. I cannot wait to try making pizza on the barbecue!! I need to get myself one of those stones now…..

When I got up this morning, I knew I had to make some healthier choices. That's what Monday is for, right? :) Breakfast was scrambled egg beaters with salsa and pepper jack cheese. 

IMG 6177

I took the kids to school and then went to Cardio Muscle class and had an awesome workout. I needed it. I never made it to the gym once last week. My goal is four times a week so I really need to step it up and get my workouts back into my schedule. 

I ran some errands, then stopped at Wahoo's for some skinny fish tacos for lunch.

IMG 6182

I haven't been to Wahoo's in forever!!!!! I missed my tacos!

Have you ever made pizza on the barbecue/outdoor grill?

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