139.4…New Chapters

Last night my mom suggested we go to Taylor's Steakhouse in La Canada for dinner. I was totally up for a steak! I enjoyed their London Broil with a baked potato.

IMG 5855

It totally hit the spot. 

This morning's breakfast was toast with peanut butter.

IMG 5857

As I've mentioned, my mom is moving. She moves to Palm Desert at the end of the month. When I left her house earlier today, it was the last time I'd ever be there. She's lived there for almost 11 years. Granted, I did not grow up there but it was the last place my mom and dad lived before he died. I guess it's time to make new memories at her new house.

On the way to San Diego, I stopped at Corner Bakery for lunch. I ordered the Chopped Salad and Chili.

IMG 5858

I still can't get them to give me green onions for my chili. One day. :)

What's the longest you've lived at any one address?

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