And I’m Back On The Train

Here I am again…back on the train. My crazy week of travel continues.

Last night my mom picked me up from the train station in Los Angeles and we headed to my brother’s law firm party at the Bonaventure Brewing Company.

June 2012 255

Just like last year, the function was held outside on the restaurant’s patio. The weather was gorgeous! I enjoyed some wine while catching up with my mom and some friends.

June 2012 256

I helped myself to a bit of all the food that was out.

June 2012 257

Plate #1: cheese quesadilla, calamari, egg roll, fried ravioli.

Plate #2:

June 2012 258

This was my favorite plate: bruschetta, mini grilled cheese and these toasts with some sort of spread that was delicious.  On the way out I did grab a chocolate chip cookie. :)

I went back to my parent’s house and spent the night. This morning I had two pieces of toasted raisin bread with peanut butter for breakfast.

June 2012 259

My mom dropped me off at the train station and I grabbed a latte from Starbucks before boarding the train.

June 2012 260

You know what’s funny….I ate almost the exact same things last year when I went to my brother’s party from the appetizers at the party to the breakfast at my parent’s house. Guess I’m predictable sometimes!

Today is a big day. It is the last day I will pick up my daughter at school at a different time than my son. For the last several years, they have either been at a different school and/or different times. This year they are at the same school but she gets out at 1:00 and he gets out at 3:00. Tomorrow is a half day and they get out at the same time. Next year she will be in kindergarten (!!) and they will be getting out at the same time. This is HUGE for me. I drive SO much!

I will celebrate this glorious day by going to Phil’s Barbeque tonight with the kids and some friends!

How often do you fill your gas tank? I have to go twice a week. Ugh!


  1. My drive is about 30 miles round trip, so I fill up once a week - our gas is now down to $3.79 a gallon though!

    I thought of you this morning - I got the egg white flat bread at Subway with buffalo sauce AND avocado for an extra .50 cents - so good!

  2. @Biz
    The avocado really makes a difference! Yum!


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