Treat Yo Self

Treat Yo Self. That was the theme for girl’s weekend in San Francisco. Erica introduced us to an episode of Parks and Recreation where they pick one day each year to “treat themselves.”

We thought it was hilarious and applied it to all aspects of our trip. Any time we were trying to decide things like, “should I have dessert?” or “should I buy that” or “should I have yet another glass of wine?”, the answer was always “Treat Yo Self!”

Friday I arrived at the airport. At check in, I inquired about any remaining first class seats. I was informed that there was one seat left and it was not very expensive. So, I decided to Treat Yo Self!

June 2012 076

I treated myself with some champagne and some sort of Asian style wrap.

June 2012 077

I arrived in San Francisco before any of the other girls so I dropped my bags off at the Palomar Hotel and went to grab some lunch down the street at Annabelle’s Bar and Bistro.

June 2012 078

Treat Yo Self with another glass of wine! Ok!

June 2012 079

I ordered the Blackened Cod Fish Sandwich with Sweet Potato Fries for lunch.

June 2012 080

Delicious! After lunch I went shopping a bit until the other girls arrived.

Once everyone arrived we all walked down to the Ferry Building for a drink.

June 2012 081

Prosecco. Gotta Treat Yo Self.


Our group. :)

Dinner was at Chez Papa.

June 2012 082

Our table split a myriad of appetizers. Kobe Steak Tartare:

June 2012 083

This was my favorite appetizer. The bread was amazing!

Pomme Frites with Aioli:

June 2012 084

Hibachi Sashimi:

June 2012 086

Tomato Salad:

June 2012 087

Some sort of sausage dish that I cannot remember the name of:

June 2012 088

For my entree, I ordered the Grilled Flat Iron Steak:

June 2012 089

It was wonderful! The steak was so buttery and perfect prepared.

After such a rich meal, we all went back to the hotel and went to bed. We had to be ready the next morning for our wine tasting trip to Napa!

At 10AM Saturday morning, our limo arrived to take us to Napa.

June 2012 091

Check out these doughnuts that my friend Priscilla brought:

June 2012 090

The one on the top left was a bacon doughnut. Yes, bacon. It was delightful. 

There was some more “Treat Yo Self” action going on in the limo on the way to Napa.

June 2012 097

The first winery we visited was Rutherford Hill. The property was gorgeous and the wines were all delicious!

June 2012 103

 June 2012 105

After our tasting, Laurie organized a picnic lunch from Boudin Bakery outside in Rutherford Hill’s picnic area.

June 2012 106

We bought a couple of bottles of wine to share and dug into our sandwich lunches.

June 2012 108

I ordered a tuna sandwich and side salad. It was awesome! I did end up sharing half my sandwich with my friend Karen. She gave me half of her Italian sandwich. Now that was a GOOD sandwich! I didn’t photograph it but I have a feeling you’ll be seeing in on the blog real soon. :)

June 2012 109

After lunch we hopped back in the limo and headed to our next wine tasting appointment: Silver Oak Winery.

June 2012 111

Talk about gorgeous….this place was spectacular!

June 2012 113

June 2012 117

We enjoyed a fabulous private wine tasting along with a tour of their beautiful facility.

June 2012 118

June 2012 122

June 2012 123

June 2012 125

June 2012 129

June 2012 131

June 2012 132

June 2012 135

June 2012 139

Eventually it was time to head back to San Francisco. We had some time to spare before getting ready for dinner so we Treating Ourselves to some shopping!

After a while we decided on getting a snack. We stopped at Straits Restaurant and had the most AMAZING Indian Flatbread with Curry Dipping Sauce.

June 2012 144

We actually had two orders of it. :) Gotta Treat Yo Self after all! We also ordered the beef lettuce wraps which I thought were good but others didn’t like the way they looked or smelled. I won’t go into details. :)

June 2012 146

We went back to the hotel to relax a bit and get ready for dinner at Twenty Five Lusk.

June 2012 147

We enjoyed a private dinning room and lots of wonderful wine!

June 2012 148

For my appetizer, I ordered the Lobster and Fennel Bisque.

June 2012 153

The soup was so rich and delicious!

My main course was the Morel Mushroom Pappardelle.

June 2012 154

The pasta was actually very light and fresh!

We all shared the brownie and mint chip ice cream for dessert.

June 2012 155

After dinner some people went back to the hotel and some of us went to a dance club around the corner.


The music was bad and the people were a bit weird but we had such a fun time!

This morning we headed over to Priscilla’s house for brunch. Check out the spread!

June 2012 156

I tried Lambrusco for the first time: red sparking wine!

June 2012 159

June 2012 161

Coffee cake with homemade (fabulous) cinnamon whipped cream that didn’t make the photo:

June 2012 162

Frittata with leeks and goat cheese and a side of sausage:

June 2012 164

Both were SO good I went back for seconds. We spent the next few hours chatting and reminiscing on old times in college. Eventually it was time to head to the airport. All good things must come to end, right?

I had so much fun this past weekend but most importantly, I learned that you need to always Treat Yo Self!

When was the last time you Treated Yo Self? Sorry if that got annoying but it was seriously hilarious this weekend.


  1. I love that episode of Parks & Rec! SO funny! Glad you got the chance to treat yo' self - everyone should do that from time to time.

  2. TREAT YO SELF 4 EVA!!! So glad to hang out with you this weekend. Love the pictures. I am stealing some for a blog post too. Miss you already! Big kiss!

  3. Ahhh, I LOVE that video!! It is frikin hilarious! I also love your striped maxi dress - do you remember where you got it?

  4. I am treating myself tomorrow by taking the day off and meeting my daughter in Chicago! Going to a farmers market, going to try to get into Rick Bayless's restaurant for lunch and go to a french market that has tons of food stalls. Can't wait! :D

    I haven't seen my daughter in 10 days! :( I miss her.

  5. @Meg
    Thanks Meg! It's by Joie and I bought it at Bloomingdales. :)


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