A Win 45 Years In The Making

Last night’s final game of the Stanley Cup was probably the most exciting sporting event I have ever been to!

We arrived yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles and checked into our hotel room. We went downstairs for a quick drink before meeting friends at the Staples Center.

June 2012 169

A though a glass of champagne was appropriate for such an exciting day!

June 2012 172

Our friends invited us to a pre-party at the Staples Center.

June 2012 173

We had a great view of everything going on on the street below.

June 2012 171

I opted for another glass of champagne.

June 2012 170

The spread they had at the party was pretty amazing!

June 2012 174

I had some sushi, Mexican food and a mini hot dog and fries!

June 2012 175

I love mini sized foods! :)

The best thing there though was dessert.

June 2012 176

The cupcakes were probably the best cupcakes I’ve EVER had in my life. Perfect moist cake and fabulously sweet frosting. That was a chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing. I also tried a red velvet one. Both were perfect. I have no idea where the cupcakes came from though. :(

Before heading into the game, I was able to snag a photo with Lane Kiffin, the USC Football Coach.

June 2012 167

Fight on!

We made our way to our seats and the game began!

June 2012 179

June 2012 182

June 2012 184

June 2012 187

After an exciting game, the LA Kings beat the New Jersey Devils 6 to 1. This was the Kings FIRST win ever! They have been waiting 45 years to get their hands on the Stanley Cup and were finally able to realize their dream. I was able to capture the last few seconds of the game.

The whole place erupted in craziness!

June 2012 199

The moment everyone was waiting for: The Stanley Cup!

June 2012 205

June 2012 207

June 2012 208

June 2012 209

June 2012 193

I could seriously feel the emotion in the stadium. The families came out to meet the players and when the players started running to grab their kids, I almost lost it. What a fabulous night for the Los Angeles Kings!

My husband and I went back to our room and went to bed. This morning we ordered room service for breakfast before hitting the road.

June 2012 212

An omelet with everything and a side of breakfast potatoes. Delicious!

After bringing home the kids from school, I made lunch.

June 2012 213

Turkey sandwich on wheat with a side of pickles.

Tonight is Bunco and I need to get ready for that. Have a great evening!

Did you watch last night’s Stanley Cup game? 


  1. How completely awesome. Looks like you had a great time.

  2. Who are your friends? Holy event tickets..that's the way to go! =) I totally chuckled to see you and Lane Kiffin. Did you tell him about your blog?

  3. Just found your blog and can't wait to browse around some more. what a great game that was. Oh and I love your choice of side with your sandwich- pickles are my favorite!!!
    -Mini Baker

  4. @Christina
    Christina: GOOD friends. :) I didn't tell him about my blog...he didn't really have much of a personality it seemed. :)


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