139.2…Reading The Directions

Last night’s dinner was pretty phenomenal.

June 2012 484

I made some pulled chicken (recipe will be up next week) in the slow cooker and served it with Baked French Fries and a salad with ranch dressing.

June 2012 486

I love my slow cooker and don’t use it nearly enough. I love how I just dumped everything in it, and went about my day while it cooked. At dinner time, it was ready to go.

This morning I had an epiphany. I keep looking at my Cinnamon Raisin Bagel Thins thinking how much I don’t like them because they get too hard in the toaster, no matter how light I toast them. All of a sudden, I thought to look at the package to see if there was any guidance in preparing them so they didn’t taste like round bricks. Wouldn’t you know it….they did! The instructions said to keep the bagel thin TOGETHER if you don’t want it too crispy and apart if you do. Duh! I’ve been doing it apart all this time.

June 2012 487

Much better! I still wouldn’t repurchase but they sure do taste a heck of a lot better now! I topped my improved bagel thin with Teddie Super Chunky peanut butter and ate some pineapple and strawberries with it.

Today was the kiddos’ first day at camp. I took them to the bus which is beyond cute by the way. The kids are so small that their heads barely show in the windows. The bus looks empty but it’s full of tiny people! :)

After drop off, I went to the gym for a new class. Cardio Muscle has been cancelled for the summer so it’s being replaced with a Core Fusion Fit class. It was a blend of yoga/pilates/weights. Here are my thoughts: it was a little slow/sleepy for me. I guess I really like to feel the burn and to leave class a sweaty mess. I liked the Cardio Muscle class because I got a bit of good cardio and a ton of heavier weight lifting. This class was more about the lighter weights and barely any cardio. I guess it is always good to change things up so maybe it will be a good change of pace for the summer.

After class I went to Costco and the dry cleaner. Then it was home for lunch.

June 2012 488

Lunch was excellent. I whipped up chicken salad using Trader Joe’s Grilled Chicken Strips, celery, red onion, dried dill, dried tarragon, garlic salt, Dijon mustard and  low fat mayo. It was a a great sandwich! I enjoyed some grapes on the side.

Now I’m waiting for the Dish Network guy to arrive. Our hard drive on our TV box is dying a slow and painful death.

Are you a directions reader? I normally am! I read the directions on everything! When I get a new car, I read them front to back. Yes, I’m a nerd.


  1. Looks like the perfect dinner to me! I have lots of leftover pork so I plan on making bbq sammies out of the leftovers. :D

  2. your lunch looks delicious! those grapes are making my mouth water!

  3. So funny...I always thought my bagel thins got a little too crispy also!

  4. It's really strange reading this....I had a chicken salad sandwich for lunch yesterday & a half cinnamon/raisin bagel thin this am.... Great minds think alike!


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