136.8…Bollywood Birthday

Last night my husband and I attended my friend’s Bollywood themed birthday party. We had a great time! She had Bollywood movies playing everywhere, tons of delicious Indian food and she even had Bindis for everyone to wear. Check mine out!

June 2012 023

Somehow I managed to not take pictures of my food. I enjoyed some chicken tika masala, rice, fabulous naan bread and various other things….their names unknown to me.

I didn’t manage to get a picture of my husband and I:

June 2012 025

And my friend Lisa and I:

June 2012 022

Lisa borrowed a sari from her neighbor….doesn’t it look great!?! I tried my best to dress the theme with my black jumpsuit. Not very creative but oh well….I figured the pants were flowy and that would be Bollywood enough. :)

This morning was a bit rough. I didn’t drink enough water last night and had possibly one too many glasses of wine…or was it the tequila shots? Regardless, whenever this happens, I always want the same thing the next day for breakfast:

June 2012 026

A breakfast burrito consisting of egg beaters, lots of cheddar cheese and tons of Cholula hot sauce. I immediately felt better.

I was pretty productive around the house. I cleaned out the kids closets, ordered their school clothes for the fall (a bit early but there were good sales online), put all the laundry away, etc. Lunch was a turkey sandwich on wheat bread with mustard and pickles. On the side were veggies and Jalapeno Yogurt Dip.

June 2012 027

I have a couple of birthday parties today to take the kids to so I’m out! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Did you bake anything this weekend?


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