136.0…A Seriously Fabulous Costco Find

Tuesday night’s dinner was a bit random. I poured a glass of wine while I prepared it.

April 2012 078

As part of Foodbuzz’s Tastemaker program, they sent me a coupon to try Van de Kamp’s new ParchmentBakes. I selected the Roasted Garlic Tilapia.

April 2012 079

“The secret to Van de Kamp’s ParchmentBake is the unique parchment paper bag. It delicately bakes the pre-grilled, 100% whole-fillet tilapia in a sauce locking in the fish’s natural moisture and flavors. Cooking in parchment is a classic technique used in restaurants and by professional chefs. With four flavor options (Classic Grilled, Roasted Garlic, Garlic Butter and Lemon Pepper) each, ParchmentBake fillet has less than 80 calories and can be found in your grocer’s freezer.”

I followed the instructions carefully placing the parchment on a baking sheet and popping it into the oven for the specified amount of time.

April 2012 080

When I first put it on the plate, I was surprised by the small serving size.

April 2012 081

But I guess for 80 calories it’s pretty good. I paired it with some corn. Random.

April 2012 082

I probably should have chosen a more colorful vegetable to go with the fish.

April 2012 083

The salad was my color! :) I was pleasantly surprised by the delicious flavor of the fish and sauce. I really expected not to like it but I enjoyed it. It was perfectly flaky and cooked through. Nice job Van de Kamp’s!

Yesterday morning’s breakfast was Raspberry flavor Chobani with homemade granola and berries. I still like the pineapple flavor the best. I need to buy more.

April 2012 084

By the way, I’m really enjoying my homemade granola. I’ve already collected a bunch of granola recipes to try once this one runs out.

Let’s get to the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the most fabulous Costco item I’ve found in a LONG time. Please get in your car now and go buy this:

April 2012 085

Jalapeno Yogurt Dip. Trust me when I tell you that you will fall in love with this. There are so many uses for it! I can’t wait to discover them all! The calories are 50 for 2 Tbsp. Love it! I do have to give credit to my friend Lisa M. who told me to buy this. Thank you Lisa from the bottom of my heart.

I spread some of the jalapeno yogurt dip onto the bread of my roast beef sandwich for yesterday’s lunch. I also dipped cucumbers and celery in it.

April 2012 086

I want to marry this stuff. Go buy some and tell me how you used it!

Last night I went to my husband’s company’s happy hour at Miguel’s Mexican restaurant. I enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine and lots of chips, salsa and this fabulous cheese dip.

April 2012 076

Yes, the cheese dip is warm and gooey. Yes you will want to swim in it.

The had a buffet of all sorts of things. I tried a bit of each thing.

April 2012 077

Taquitos, breaded calamari, cheese quesadilla and pico de gallo. I went back for seconds of most things.

This morning I had my last container of pineapple Chobani for breakfast. Yes, I’m getting nervous and am starting to sweat.

April 2012 087

I went to Zumba and came home to start baking. We are going to Palm Springs with Dave’s family tomorrow for the weekend and I like to bring treats for everyone. One thing I’m bringing is my Chocolate Chip Cookie Oreo Fudge Brownie Bars. I don’t think anyone will be disappointed. The other thing is a surprise. :)

I was SO excited about my lunch today.

April 2012 088

For my tuna salad, I combined the tuna with the jalapeno yogurt dip instead of mayo. OMG. The two are a match made in heaven. Please buy this. Have I mentioned that before?

Have you tried the jalapeno yogurt dip before? Please tell me what you did with it!!


  1. I didn't like that dip :( But the TJ's spinach/kale one I didn't like at first grew on me...

  2. I need to get my hands on the yogurt dip! It sounds so good!!

  3. @RunEatRepeat
    Oh no! I think you need to try it again! :) I've never tried the TJ's spinach/kale one...looks like I need to check it out!


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