135.6…Frozen Success

After I made one of my favorite recipes, Indian Butter Chicken, for a recent Holiday Recipe Club post, I had half of it leftover. Not wanting to waste it, I did what I usually do: freeze it. I froze the chicken and the basmati rice (separately). I wasn’t sure how it would reheat so I tried it for dinner last night.

April 2012 242

Success! It may not look as nice as it does when freshly cooked but it tasted just as fabulous! It was perfect for a lazy Sunday!

I could not fall asleep last night. Ugh….don’t you hate it when that happens!?! Along with a ton of coffee, I had a toasted English muffin with egg beaters, a slice of cheese and avocado. I also had a sliced apple.

April 2012 243

After taking the kids to school, I went to a meeting at the school and then to Cardio Muscle class where I got my butt kicked as usual. 

Lunch was turkey sandwich on toasted bread with lettuce, mustard and cheese. I had some veggies with my favorite Jalapeno Yogurt Dip as well.

April 2012 244

I’m excited for tonight. My 7 year old son will be singing in the school’s talent show tonight. He won’t show me his performance so it will be complete surprise to me. I’m going to pick him up from school in a bit and take him to dinner and then to the performance. My video camera is ready!

Did you ever perform in your school’s talent show? Nope. I could never come up with a talent. Eating wasn’t one of the options. :)


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