A Pizza of Epic Proportions

Another day of relaxing vacationing is behind us. One more night left until the dreaded drive home.

Yesterday after our time at the pool, we came back to the room to shower and I enjoyed some wine and some Sea Salt & Vinegar Popchips.

March 2012 090

This was the first time I had had this flavor and they rocked! I love Popchips!

For dinner, we had a gift card to a local restaurant called Rustler’s Rooste. This place was a hoot. When you arrive and walk to the front of the restaurant, there is a live bull out front.

March 2012 091

March 2012 092

Sorry for the craptastic photos, I brought my little camera with me. But trust me, this bull was real and he was HUGE!

You walk inside and it’s basically a cowboy’s heaven. A live band plays country music and the decor is all western.

March 2012 093

When you walk down to your table, you can either take the stairs or the slide. Yes…the slide. My kids were in heaven. They must have gone down the slide 100 times over the course of the night.

As soon as we were seated, we were served biscuits and fry bread with regular butter, cinnamon butter and honey. I especially liked the biscuits. Each entree comes with their house salad. I thought it was pretty good!

March 2012 083

I ordered the sirloin which came with corn and green beans.

March 2012 094

I was really hoping for something good since everything else had been so good up to that point. My steak was a bit overcooked and dry and the veggies were overcooked too. Boo! I ate about half the steak before calling it quits.

Apparently after every meal, they give you free cotton candy.

March 2012 095

Again, my kids were in heaven. I’m not a cotton candy fan so I opted to share the hot fudge sundae with my husband.

March 2012 096

This morning was another late morning for us. Love sleeping in! We skipped breakfast and held off a bit for a lunch I was really excited about: Rosati’s Pizza. My friend Denise told me about this place. She said that they had really good Chicago style stuffed pizza. Boy, was she right.

Since the stuffed pizza takes 45 minutes to cook, my husband and I shared a house salad.

March 2012 097

Our onion & green pepper stuffed pizza finally arrived.

March 2012 098

It was beyond glorious.

March 2012 084

I think it might be my favorite pizza ever. I really like Giordano’s in Chicago but this outdid that place. I could only manage two slices but I wanted so many more. I never wanted it to end!

We came back to the hotel and headed to the pool. Later in the afternoon, I got the same frozen fruit bowl as yesterday. Love this!

March 2012 089

Now we are back in the room relaxing before dinner. My kids want to go back to Rustler’s Rooste. If we do, I know I won’t be ordering the steak.

What is your favorite pizza place and what do you like to order there?


  1. Sounds like you guys had a really yummy day!

  2. OMgoatcheese, that pizza is insane! I've never seen a stuffed pizza before! Soo incredible. Our favorite is Old Chicago's Chicago Seven pizza with the thicker crust (not the Chicago crust though, too buttery).

  3. The pizza look delicious. I've never had deep dish like that before.

  4. That Pizza is epic allright! OMG. It's perfect and looks so good.

  5. It's too bad the steak wasn't cooked like you prefer. That pizza looks AMAZING!

  6. I could definitely go for a big slice of that pizza!
    Mary x

  7. That pizza looks delicious! It looks so delicious! A stuffed pizza sounds delicious! :) Oh and I LOVE eating frozen fruit too! It's delicious!

  8. I love Rosati's - when I don't feel like making pizza, that's where we get ours from.

    You should try my deep dish pizza at home - so good!


    I slept in both days too this weekend, made it super hard to get my ass out of bed though!

  9. @Biz
    WOW! I cannot wait to make your pizza!! Thank you for sharing!!


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