138.0…Cut Off

I’m still smiling after my dinner last night. Our friends came over for our bi-monthly hot wing night. We make the best hot wings ever.

Recently my hot wing loving friend, Alicia, introduced me to one of the best frozen pizzas ever: DiGiorno Classic Thin Crust Four Cheese Pizza.

March 2012 048

She used to make it for the kids but the adults liked it so much that we eat it too! I only had a tiny piece of it last night because I was saving room for my beloved wings.

And let’s not forget the wine.

March 2012 050

At long last, the hot wings were ready.

March 2012 049

That is one big bowl of happiness.

March 2012 051

I always start off with 4 wings and work my way up in increments of four. After I had finished my 12th wing, I made a comment about wanting four more. Alicia’s husband informed me that it was not a good idea and that I’d hate myself later. I was officially cut off from more wing consumption.

When I woke up this morning, I thought, “Thank you Joe for bringing me to my senses last night.” It might have been ugly otherwise. I guess that’s what friends are for…to cut you off when you’ve had too much.

For breakfast this morning I made an egg beater sandwich on a toasted English muffin with a slice of cheese and a side of cantaloupe.

March 2012 052

I took the kids to school and went to Starbucks for a green tea and to get some work done.

March 2012 046

I met my friends at the mall to do some shopping. We stopped at Nordstrom’s for lunch. I ordered the Salmon Nicoise Salad.

March 2012 047

It was excellent!!

After shopping it was off to pick up the kids from school. I need to pack for our trip to Phoenix tomorrow. We are going to the Phoenix Suns game tomorrow night. The weather looks pretty nice there…excited for a relaxing family vacation!

Any kid-friendly restaurant recommendations in Phoenix?

Is there a certain food that you need to get “cut off” from when you’re eating it? 


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE those wine glasses!!! Why were you cut off from wing consumption. I'm not a big fan of wings, but what would happen if you ate more than 12??

    Hope you have fun in Phoenix!

  2. @Anna @ Blissfully Banana
    We fry our wings and coat them in a sauce that combines Frank's hot sauce and butter. It is no where near healthy. All that fried food makes you feel a bit crappy but it's fun while doing it! :)

  3. Melissa likes to eat?
    This the MARTINEZ BLOG?
    They told me this is MEL?
    They told me MEL eats BEFOR- BEVOR in the DA- M?
    They say MEL is with POPERS who POP them in the MOUTH?
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    This a HOOT?

  4. This is the ARYAN blog.
    They eat SAPOP- KIKIPOP - and GRITS.

  5. I have to cut myself off from birthday cake! I can't stop eating the icing, and if I don't stop myself I will even proceed to finish my family's leftover icing on their plates!

    Have fun in Phoenix!

  6. You go on the greatest trips and have the neatest group get-to-gethers - what fun!

  7. I have to get cut off from Pizza. Why, oh why is food so good. And WTH is up with that strange anonymous comment you got??? LOL. I've been to Nordstrom's to eat once and I really liked it.

  8. Too funny about the wings...they must be yummy! And thanks for the pizza rec. We often have a gang of teenage boys hanging out :) Have a great vacation!

  9. The salad looks yum! What part of town are you staying in? If you are in Scottsdale - I love Blanco Tacos and Tequila...and its great for kids too. All the Sam Fox restaurants are good, I think...North, Greene house, modern steak. Dr Weil's True Food kitchen is here too, though I think they have that in So cal now? Its good but healthy -which can be good or bad! Pomo Pizza, central scottsdale is also really good for pizza. More central phoenix/arcadia area - La Grande Orange Pizzeria, Chelsea's kitchen - both would be great for kids. the bianco pizza guy (not sure I would wait to get in there with kids ) has a new Italian restaurant I havent yet tried, but plan to - I think its called Italian - its closer to the Suns game. Have a great time! We go to about half of the games, but tomorrow night my son has a baseball game and my husband is finally on his way home from 2 wks in asia!

  10. those wings do look AMAZING! they look super spicy tho, not sure if i could handle it! ;)

  11. @Andrea
    We are in Phoenix...thanks for all the great recommendations!!

  12. I hear you on the DiGiornio! It may be for the kids, but it is delicious! They know what they're doing :)

  13. Rice noodle and mushrooms. I am so crazy with them. I love to have them in my spring role, love to have them combined together into fried noodle, soup and even served them over basmati rice and hot wings. Oh I even want it now.


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