137.8…Too Old To Be Social

So…I’ve been out the last three nights in a row and I’m exhausted. I guess I’m too old for a social life.

Friday night I went over to my friend Cathi’s house before we went to the “Sex in the City” party. Cathi is such a fabulous hostess. She put out snacks and wine for us. She made a tzatziki dip to go with some asparagus spears.

March 2012 018

After I took this picture, Cathi brought out some crackers, cheese and salami as well.

Another one of our friends was having a “Sex in the City” party. You come dressed as one of the characters. I choose Carrie Bradshaw and based my outfit on a photo I found. What do you think?

March 2012 020

The party was a lot of fun. We drank Cosmos and had some sushi.  My friend had a ton of decorations around her house including this fabulous chair shaped like a shoe!

March 2012 023

I stayed out WAY past my bedtime and paid for it on Saturday. It also didn’t help that my son woke up at 5:45 Saturday morning. Can you say coffee anyone!?!

Breakfast was simple and to the point. I didn’t even bother with fruit.

March 2012 025

Egg beater sandwich with a slice of low fat cheese on a toasted English muffin.

I took my son to his tennis lesson and came home starving. I snack on a cheese stick and some Wheat Thins.

March 2012 026

Lunch was a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup.

March 2012 027

I took my son to boy scouts and came home to take a nap. I needed it….I had to go out AGAIN last night! My husband picked up my son while I got ready for our next outing: Jewish Family Services Charity Auction/Gala.

We got dolled up and made our way to the Hyatt in La Jolla.

March 2012 013

I look better than I felt. By that point I was really starting to feel under the weather.

But it’s nothing that a little champagne and sushi couldn’t fix!

March 2012 012

During the cocktail hour there was a sushi buffet. Be still my heart. See the plate above? I had about four of those.

The event had a bunch of silent and live auctions. This is the event where I won the Fighter Jet flight last year. This year I told my husband: “No Planes!” :)

Eventually it was time to go into the main ballroom for dinner. The room was decorated beautifully. I felt like I was at a wedding. Check out the floral arrangement at the table:

March 2012 014

Our meal began with a spinach salad with cherry tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms and slivered almonds.

March 2012 015

The entree was some sort of fish (I think it was sea bass) with various vegetables.

March 2012 016

It was pretty good and seemed pretty healthy too.

However healthy it may have been, I reversed all its effects with dessert.

March 2012 017

Dessert was served family style and they were little cups of various things: chocolate mousse, baklava and fruit and strawberry shortcakes. I enjoyed the chocolate mousse and baklava. Also at the table were these heart shaped rice krispy treats. I broke into that right away.

As soon as the event was over, I was beyond ready to go home. I felt pretty crappy so it was a Nyquil kind of night.

After a good night’s sleep, I felt a bit better this morning. For breakfast, I scrambled some egg beaters with broccoli, green onions and salsa and added some shredded cheese.

March 2012 028

My morning basically consisted of getting dressed, putting laundry away and sitting on the couch.

Lunch was a turkey & Swiss cheese sandwich on wheat bread with a big salad.

 March 2012 029

I think I’m going to bake some cookies then spend the rest of the day doing nothing. Have a great rest of the weekend!

Did you stay out too late this weekend?

What was the best thing you ate all weekend?


  1. you won a fighter jet flight last time!? ohmygosh girl!!!!!! I would die! My husband flies for a living but i'm not allowed in the military helo or the jets, planes, etc... I pout. a lot =)

    I wish I stayed out too late this weekend! I've been such a homebody w/out P here to bounce energy off of. True life, I'm an old maid without him!

    love ya!

  2. Random question...do you use a curling iron or hot rollers on your hair?

  3. @Brooke
    In the top photo, I used hot rollers and a curling iron in some sections. The bottom photo of me in the sequin dress, I used just hot rollers. :)

  4. Melissa-
    I have been a follow for some time now, and I know you keep a close eye on your weight and have done WW from your reading. But I wanted to tell you In think you look great I and you seem very confident..

  5. Love your Carrie outfit-it's perfect! I know how you felt staying out late too many nights in a row-when I do that I just feel like I'm gonna die. Sleep has become so important to me in my old age-lol! But you still looked STUNNING. The best thing I ate all weekend was some whole wheat beer bread. Hope to post it soon!

  6. you remind me of carrie bradshaw alot!

  7. Wow - you look fantastic as Carrie!! I too have learnt the importance of sleep!! if only our children would!
    Mary x

  8. @Veronica Miller Please post it soon! Sounds delicious! I recently made a Cheddar Beer Bread that I'll be posting soon as well.

  9. Other than to go to work, I have been out exactly three times since my husband's surgery in December - I live vicariously through you Mel! :D

    Sushi buffet?? Holy shizz!


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